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    Inventory produced for previous landlord

    Would appreciate any input, I just want to ensure I don't assume anything here and a friend has asked for advice.

    Where a property has changed hands with a tenant in situ and no new inventory was not produced by the new landlord, can the new landlord look to deduct anything from the deposit?
    I would assume, in addition, he could not expect anything above a domestic clean, even where the tenancy agreement specifies otherwise?

    The inventory is attached to the tenancy, not the landlord. So yes, if the new LL has a copy of the inventory they can use it as it is THE extant report of the initial inventory and condition of the property. Any difficulty arises in getting hold of the agreed inventory.

    Place to check would include the previous LL, the LA and the inventory clerk, maybe even the tenant, though they would have little reason to be that helpful.


      As Stef says -- no new inventory is needed. The new landlord can rely fully on the existing inventory.

      Likewise there is no reason the tenancy agreement is invalid - if it says you are supposed to do certain things you are supposed to do those things.

      What are you trying to achieve?


        Thanks all. It was just to establish if the initial inventory could be used by the new landlord. A friend of mine is about to vacate her property after 9 years and asked me. I was not 100% sure. I know she has kept the property in good order so most should be wear and tear after that period of time.

        The original tenancy didn't specify professional cleaning and no evidence of an invoice for one was provided so I would imagine that although it's on the new tenancy they couldn't deduct for not providing anything over and above a good domestic clean.

        Personally if a good tenant was to stay in any property of mine for that period of time and it was handed over clean and with no malicious damage I would hand back 100% of the deposit however following this forum we know there are the types who would find any excuse for a deduction.


          9 years? Unless she has put holes in walls and dug up the floor then there will be very little that isn't FWT.

          Cleaning is one of those issues that comes up all the time, isn't it? The DPS etc look for a good standard of cleaning rather than professional cleaning, regardless of what the AST says - they say the same thing year in year out, so your friend can reassure herself by taking a look at whichever of the deposit schemes her deposit is in and check.

          But yes, in general you are right. If she hands it back clean and tidy that is enough to get her full deposit back!


            Thanks Stef. Yes totally agree that's why I've paid for the 1st professional clean for each of my flats, I stick it in the tenancy that a professional clean is required on exit. I make the invoice available to the new tenants. So far it's worked and although I've suggested to each tenant that they get other quotes so far they have opted to go for the same company who will come back if the cleaning is not up to standard. Not sure how this will work once "no fees" is introduced. Now on my 5th change over and been one of the best things I've ever done.


              Originally posted by shearne View Post
              I would assume, in addition, he could not expect anything above a domestic clean, even where the tenancy agreement specifies otherwise?
              From your later post, it sounds like the situation is:
              - property has been sold, resulting in new landlord.
              - New agreement signed between new LL and tenant.
              - original agreement says nothing about a clean on exit.
              - New agreement says "professional clean".

              Is that correct?


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