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  • KTC
    At least 2 months from the deemed date of service. So if your tenancy agreement say notice is considered served say 2 business days after you post the notice to the tenant first class, and you're going to be posting the notice to your tenant, then it's two months + 2 business days from you posting the thing.

    What does your tenancy agreement say about how notices may be served?

    A section 21 does not end a tenancy, your tenant does not legally have to leave. Expiry of a valid section 21 merely allow you to make a claim to court for possession of the property. Average time for all possession claims in England and Wales from issue of claim to eviction by bailiffs is about 40 weeks. Unopposed accelerated possession, maybe 3-6 months if you're lucky.

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  • SusieB19
    started a topic Section 21 help pllllease to sell

    Section 21 help pllllease to sell

    Evening everyone
    I am about to serve a section 21 so we can sell and I am paranoid about getting the dates correct. can anyone confirm which date I should use?? The circumstances are:

    6 months short term tenancy began on 28/09/17
    on 28/03/2018 it is going onto a periodic tenancy

    We require possession back and need to serve the section 21 and give two months notice to gain possession back on or around 28/05/2018.

    On the section 21 where it says 'You are required to leave the below address after DATE'...should I put the date we serve the Section 21, or the end of the two month notice period which would be 29/05/2018..

    Sorry if I've made that more complicated that it should be??! Hugely appreciate ANY help at all.
    many thanks in advance emailing the documents and/or hand delivering the documents adequate to prove it was served or do you need to send it registered?

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