Tenant Harassing, Trying to Intimidate Me The Landlord

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    Tenant Harassing, Trying to Intimidate Me The Landlord

    Yes..I believe this is what I am currently experiencing, it has taken me a little while to realize, but now after extensive research, I believe I am the victim.

    Have any other LL's had this happen to them or in similar situations?.. I would be interested in knowing the outcome?

    If anyone saw my post yesterday needing advise about a tenant maybe going to court? https://forums.landlordzone.co.uk/fo...-advise-needed

    Well. I have gained so much valuable information over the past two days from here and google. That I am actually now feeling fairly ok with things. I was getting extremely worked up. However, the more I look into tenant behavior and how landlords are being treated by tenants seems to be a very common problem.

    Following on from my post yesterday, and the error of me not using a deposit scheme, seems to have been what has helped spiral my tenants behavior and threats. She has emailed me stating she knows her rights and that her previous employment was as a Tenancy Support worker for many years..

    So this certainly rings bells now. I feel she most definitely has intentionally let this end of tenancy end this way for financial gain.

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  • Reply to Legal question
    by KTC
    I'm afraid it may be worth speaking to a wills and probate solicitor for advice.
    01-03-2021, 16:09 PM
  • Legal question
    by mind the gap
    Hi all, hope you're keeping safe.

    Not sure which forum to put this in - happy for Moderator to move if appropriate.

    Scenario is as follows. In 2018, elderly widower changes the will he made jointly with wife in 1980s. He does it all properly, using a solicitor and include...
    01-03-2021, 13:01 PM
  • Reply to Notice Period to Tenants
    by annam222
    Yes I really do not want to serve anything formal. I will let them know in a few months that I am considering selling the flat in approx May next year. If I can then switch to periodic month by month from August this year then hopefully that means I can avoid any long notice period. But I won't bring...
    01-03-2021, 16:00 PM
  • Notice Period to Tenants
    by annam222
    Hi all,
    I rent out my flat using an estate agents let & collect service. It is rented out using an assured shorthold tenancy agreement of 12 months (no break clause). The 12 months ends in August this year. I have just been told by the estate agents that "due to Covid the law has changed...
    01-03-2021, 14:54 PM
  • Reply to Notice Period to Tenants
    by jpkeates
    The best thing to do is to talk to the tenants and let them know about the possibility of selling the property.
    That gives them plenty of time to plan their move and find somewhere else to live.

    If you go straight to a formal notice it can do a lot of damage to the relationship....
    01-03-2021, 15:51 PM
  • Reply to Another way to suffer from Covid
    by Hudson01
    You say he can afford the rent... how do you know that ? Does he work ? The idea of claiming under a '' false statement '' will be very difficult to prove, i would seek the assistance of a professional agency who can check all your paperwork and get this parasite out.
    01-03-2021, 15:45 PM
  • Another way to suffer from Covid
    by P'd off of Romford
    Hi Guys

    Yes, sorry, this is another tale of woe, for which I apologise in advance....

    FirstIy, I have Multiple Sclerosis, and as a result, can no longer work in my professional field.

    For this reason, I have recently rented out my former home, as a means of a small...
    01-03-2021, 11:27 AM
  • Reply to Legal question
    by mind the gap
    No sadly, it isn't possible and even if it were, he is happy where he is. He has been offered the option, but has declined.

    The thorny issue seems to be the capacity question. To any sensible human being, the fact that he can forget a decision as soon as he has made it would suggest that...
    01-03-2021, 15:43 PM
  • Reply to Notice Period to Tenants
    by annam222
    Thank you very much. I didn't realise that a section 21 had to be served, this is my first time renting out my flat. I thought that once the 12 month period ended that we either renew or the agreement just ends.
    I may want to sell the flat in Spring next year so I had queried with the estate agents...
    01-03-2021, 15:42 PM
  • Reply to Your move references
    by Hudson01
    Ditto, i do not accept guarantors, so its a binary choice for me....
    01-03-2021, 15:39 PM