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    Problem with a landlord

    Hello people. I've got problem with a "landlord". Situation looks like that: I never saw a contract(he revive my ID to prepare it), he rent show me hmo certificate, I don't have any of proof from him that money was payed( I have only bank statement with outgoings to his account. He is living in different country for more than one year. More than five people are sharing this flat and nobody never ever seen him. Always he now when someone have got problem with payment and he always accept that if money will came later. Few days ago he gave me notice in message that I have 2 weeks to leave property( I have more than that because I payed him more). I received information few days ago that real landlord will came... that is sick situation because he inform me about police, later will came landlord with police and finally landlord will came and close the house for everyone. I inform shelter organization by telephone but situation is extremely complicated and they gave me some bad advices(everything is different if they have contract I mean landlord and subbleter) my question is what can I do more? Can I go to council again and ask specific department about valid hmo for that flat? What kind of documents can show me this real landlord?( I'm afraid because that can be everyone from everywhere). Can somebody give me more advices? I am collecting all of evidences and I want to go with it to lawyer.(I live there more than 6 months and I payed a lot of money together) thanks for help. PS. Deposit wasn't protected

    I am assuming that english is not your first language.

    Your post is pretty hard to follow.

    As I have understood it you have reanted a flat from a person. This person is your landlord.

    It transpires that this person is not the owner of the property and that they have rented the property from someone else. This is fine, as long as your landlord pays his rent and has consent to sublet from HIS landlord.

    If your landlord hasn't done either of these, then, unfortunately, the lead landlord has the right to get their property back. It sounds like you have been the victim of a conman - your landlord.
    There is always scope for misinterpretation.

    If my posts can be interpreted in two ways, one that makes you feel angry and one that doesn't, I meant the latter.

    Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.


      Also, if your landlord lives abroad, you should have been paying only 80% of the rent, and paying the remaining 20% to HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs). Given your landlord may be a criminal, you can expect to have to pay HMRC 25% of what you have paid in rent.

      If this is an HMO, there is a requirement for notices in the building detailing how to contact the manager for the property.

      I think councils are actually required to publish the list of licensed HMOs, so you may find that online, on their web site.

      You can find the owner of the property, who may or may not be the lowest level legitimate landlord, by looking it up on the Land Registry. It will cost you £3. Only do this from a web site ending in, or you will get overcharged.

      Your biggest problem may be that your landlord may be able to hide from the law, abroad.


        Thanks for all information. I rent only a room there. Together live there 6 people. From messages witch I received from him I know that both sides accept this type of renting( landlord and subleter). That is too much for me and I wanna do everything with solve this problem. He think that he is untouchable from abroad. It's hard to find another room or flat if you are a couple with dog. I know that my skills in writing are poor but I'm only one year in UK and everyday I'm getting better knoknowledge in writing and speaking.


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