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    Gas Heater

    Dear Friends,

    I have additional room which I am not using, so looking to rent the room to a lodger. In the room there is a Gas heater. I have attached the photo.
    I heard it is not under law to have the Gas heater anymore in room as it is dangerous if by mistake Gas leaked which will cause fire,I am not totally sure about the laws please kindly let me know.

    In that situation i am looking to disconnect the Gas heater and buy a Electric heater. But there is a concern from my side if I disconnect the Gas heater and buy a electric heater when i give the room including bills. I am just thinking if the electricity bills shoot up.
    As I hear that running GAS heaters are economical.

    Please kindly suggest me what i have to do.

    Gas heater

    I own a property where bills are included and it is a concern that heaters can be left on - even for days. Gas fires are okay in lounges but are discouraged in sleeping areas. Any new fire fitted must be a modern type with safety features. My own recent experience is of having a gas fire in a studio room, which was fine as long as the fire passed its annual safety test. When it failed the fitter gave me the choice of a) A new gas fire with all the modern safety features or b) having it removed and provide alternative heating i.e. he could not repair the old gas heater.
    There is also the safety aspect to consider, e.g. potential for fire damage etc. On balance I would go for a decent wall mounted heater with timers and thermostats. However, I would not install one where I was paying the electric. You could submeter the entire room, which comes at a cost, or you could possibly put a meter ( even a credit type not coin) on just the electric heater supply and give the tenants some form of allowance. Even 1 kilowatt left on 24 hours will cost around £3.50, around £25 a week. ( Based on 15p a Kw unit x 24 x 7)


      You can give an average of what you expect from that room over the year if you put a electric heater in. For example 600 pounds electric usage over the 12 months tenancy . So you would divide 600 by 12 yearly payments. So 50 pounds a month on top of your room rent. If you give they access to hot water them split that costs 50 50 over the month too. Get them to pay there own council bedroom tax.

      I hope this helps.


        Thanks Nigel and Landlord in the UK. That a very good advice. As it is not safe i will look to disconnect and replace with the electric or Gas safety one .


          Only let a qualigied Gas Safe Plumber to inspect or disconnect the fire. I would just replace it with a new similar fire, connected to same gas supply.


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