HMO related - how do I confirm that the tenants are related (form one household?)

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    HMO related - how do I confirm that the tenants are related (form one household?)

    Hi everyone.
    I have four prospective tenants who claim they are related. They have Bulgarian surnames e.g. in this case son's surname isn't identical to the mother's.
    The 4 tenants are: Mother (60s) and Son (mid 20s) and two male cousins (mid 20s) - the mother and son have a similar surname, but the two cousins have completely different surnames to each other and the mother and son. But they claim they are related. The lletting agent tells me I dont need a HMO license. I ask how can he prove they are related, he said he can't. The council cannot advise me (or won't)

    The tenancy is going to be a joint tenancy listing them all as tenants and therefore all are equally responsible for the rent.
    1) Should I nominate a lead tenant to pay the rent? Is this standard practice for joint tenancies? And when renting to families?
    2) How do I verify that the individuals are related? Do I just take their word for it?
    3) My rental guarantee insurance asks 'is your property a HMO' - as they tell me they are a family - I am going to put 'No' but how will the insurance company see this, should in future they claim to be not related (2-3 households)?


    For ease of reference, I've pasted what the legislation says on households:
    HMOs: persons not forming a single household

    (1)This section sets out when persons are to be regarded as not forming a single household for the purposes of section 254.

    (2)Persons are to be regarded as not forming a single household unless—

    (a)they are all members of the same family, or

    (b)their circumstances are circumstances of a description specified for the purposes of this section in regulations made by the appropriate national authority.

    (3)For the purposes of subsection (2)(a) a person is a member of the same family as another person if—

    (a)those persons are married to each other or live together as husband and wife (or in an equivalent relationship in the case of persons of the same sex);

    (b)one of them is a relative of the other; or

    (c)one of them is, or is a relative of, one member of a couple and the other is a relative of the other member of the couple.

    (4)For those purposes—

    (a)a “couple” means two persons who are married to each other or otherwise fall within subsection (3)(a);

    (b)“relative” means parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece or cousin;

    (c)a relationship of the half-blood shall be treated as a relationship of the whole blood; and

    (d)the stepchild of a person shall be treated as his child.

    It is is slide, but it is a straight route from protectionist fascist lefty politics to the Nuremberg Laws to the gas chambers.

    Little do the young Corbynite adorers know of the world. I suggest you insist on DNA profiling your tenants. And how are you supposed to know that they are actually of the same sex -- suggest you insist on genital examinations as well.

    It's called fascism people.


      I dated a Bulgarian girl many years ago. Her surname was Pavlova, (I believe daughter of Pavel) but her father's surname name was Pavlov. (I believe son of Pavel.) Does that explain the slightly different names?

      FTA: Would the cousins' papers show their mothers' maiden names, which should all be the same, shouldn't they?
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