Repairs undertaken by tenant - how to bill the Landlord?

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    Even £379 sounds a lot for a toilet. Could you not have reinstalled the old one after the floor was repaired?


      You cannot require LL to install one of your choice, only 1 broadly equivalent to original.
      What caused the wet joists?


        That was not an option. The old toilet was actually taken away on the same day that the floorboards were laid. If he had the toilet bowl I would not have been so miffed to bring a court claim, as I could have swallowed a plumber for £60 to reconnect. I had to purchase a new toilet.

        I only made a request which is not a demand. He could have easily stated that he would limit his purchase to whatever his wallet could afford. The LL has duty to replace the toilet, He could have bought / stolen / borrowed a toilet. He did not. He took the toilet, walked out with it and disappeared into the ether. Now I am suing, he has his brother/cousin/ friend/ uncle asserting his name on the defence. Appears he likes to hide from his duties!


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