How long does court awarded possession stay valid?

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    How long does court awarded possession stay valid?

    Hello folks... after a little advice if possible please?

    I submitted my court papers (section 21 route with all appropriate documents) at the end of January and received a letter back from the courts instructing me it would be deemed served on the 1st of February and that the defendants had until the 14th to lodge any appeal.
    however on the 7th I received another letter back from the courts confirming that the T had agreed to pay the court fees and that possession was awarded with a date of February 15th given as date of tenancy termination.
    since then the T have contacted me requesting a little more time to get their affairs in order and vacate?
    so 3 things I'd like to know.
    1) how long does this judgment last? Ie could I still apply for the bailiffs next week, next month, next year? Etc
    2) what form do I need to submit to instruct bailiffs?
    3) how do I enforce the award of receiving the court fee's?

    thank you in advance

    I believe the possession order is valid for up to 6 years


      1.) I believe it's only a year.
      2.) Complete this in triplicate and send to court with fee: https://formfinder.hmctsformfinder.j...k/n325-eng.pdf
      3.) Deduct from deposit?


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