How long do I have to bring a tenant to court for arrears?

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    How long do I have to bring a tenant to court for arrears?

    This new post relates to an earlier one. I am helping my Mum pursue an absconded tenant for arrears (in the region of 4 figures). The tenant has gone to ground but we have leads to follow and he may resurface in due course. How long, after the arrears first occurred, would the claim be considered to be 'out of time' by the court, and thus not able to be pursued?

    Thanks in advance for any advice or links.

    Indefinitely if he doesn't defend it. If he defends it, he could block the action after six years from when you last contacted him about the debt, but he must actually raise that as a defence.

    However, one would normally sue in his absence, and the resulting CCJ will stay open indefinitely, as I understand it.


      Thank you leasholder64


        Please do NOT start new thread on existing topic, Ask the question in original thread.


          ....sorry Mariner. No one was helping me with my previous thread and this one contains a completely new and different question which only relates to the previous thread but was not contained within it. I hope that is alright. Sorry for any confusion.


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