Water billing and agreement price change

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  • rhymond
    started a topic Water billing and agreement price change

    Water billing and agreement price change


    Together with my Fiance we found a flat we want to rent on Rightmove. Flat rent price was 595 a month and after hand shake with letting agent we go through reference check. After check Agency told us that we need to pay 25 pounds more every month because of water bill which they weren't aware of. They said sorry about it and send us new contract with 620. They told us that there is no meter reading and whole block is paying like this. I'm ok to pay for my water bills, but if they knew about fixed price before why it's not in the contract? And at the same time not it included in price on Rightmove? Is that price should be seperate? Can agency/Landord charge me for water?

    Thank you

  • AndrewDod
    £25/month is a pretty average water bill for a flat on a meter, and on the low side if there is no meter. How or who did you imagine was going to pay for your water. I guess it is not part of your rent (though that may be simpler) - but it is a payment for water useage?

    Sounds a good deal to me, but I guess you could back out of the tenancy.

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  • JK0
    What difference does it make whether you pay the landlord or water company?

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    You need to avoid this way of thinking.
    There is zero possibility of a set of circumstances arising where you don't owe rent while you are living in this property.

    In fact your argument that it's a tenancy depends on it, because if rent wasn't due, it's not a tenancy.

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