Surely there is some way to end my agreement!

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    Surely there is some way to end my agreement!

    Where do i begin?

    I have been living in my property since July 2016. I renewed the tenancy the following year in July, thinking I was going to return to University.
    However, I decided not to. This did effect paying my rent as i did not receive any student loan.
    My landlord and agency were happy to allow me to pay the rent at the start of December, as my guarantor at that time was my mother, who was out of work
    and was going to be for a long period of time due to an illness.
    I came up with the rent and paid it. My next rent payment was Feb 1st, not a very long time to save!
    I then asked the agency could i change to monthly payments as i was a little short. They were happy with this and i paid for January and February. I now pay at the start of every month and I am up to date!

    However, i now want to leave the house for various reasons.
    - I am no longer a student, living in a house with other student's is quite stressful. Working numerous days and night, to come home to share with people who want to socialise and do student thingsa lot of the time. Means no sleep or personal time for myself.
    - I want to move out to help financially, i will be moving with my partner therefore i will save a lot more money.
    - Also due to family issues i want to move to help with my mother.

    I asked my agency my options, they have told me the only way i can leave is if i get someone to sublet. Now this will be impossible as there is only 4.5 months left of the academic year, i live with all girls who for one are not even comfortable with living with a new person (huge fight between 2 of them). I have advertised and asked all i can ask and no luck.

    I applied for a house with my partner 2 weeks ago, agreeing that he would pay the rent himself until i start my new job in April, forgetting that referencing would look at my situation.
    The new estate agency asked for a current reference from my current landlord/agency. I asked them my agency is it possible and i was told yes, only if i still pay my rent for this property which i said yes of course.
    I paid the referencing fee, to then hear that we failed because my current letting agency declined to give a reference because i am still in a contract with them even though i was told different!
    I have read my agreement over and over, but i can simply not see anything that states about even ending the tenancy agreement or subletting! all it states is that if i sublet, it must be in writing, but it does not say anything about me not being able to end my agreement early!!
    I have been told i can surrender, surely my landlord can have some sort of heart and end my agreement with me?

    Sorry for the long story, I am just in desperate need for some advice!

    Landlord/agency doesn’t have to give a reference for anyone.
    The only option you’ve got is to write a letter to the landlord being very very nice explaining your situation and asking for an early release and hope that he/she lets you out (doubt it).
    Ultimately you signed a contract that now you want to break? The landlord is under no obligation whatsoever to let you leave early without paying what you owe (that’s what contracts are for).
    Everything you’ve written in your post are all things that you decided on (not going back to uni, want to move in with your partner etc) so why should the landlord suffer for your poor choices?
    Good luck.


      You can leave any time you like - this afternoon @ 15:45 if you like. But you remain liable for the rent unless landlord/agent agree.

      Sorry, that's the law.
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        Originally posted by chels22 View Post
        but it does not say anything about me not being able to end my agreement early!!
        So by that logic you think that something that isn't in a contract is there as it isn't there? If there is no mention of being able to surrender early, thats whats been signed and there is no surrender mechanism.
        "I'm afraid I didn't do enough background checks apart from checking her identity on Facebook" - ANON

        What I say is based on my own experience and research - Please don't take as gospel without first checking the gospel yourself.


          Who is paying the Council Tax? As a non-student you make the whole property liable for this and if you have a joint tenancy, (as opposed to individual agreements), then all tenants collectively are liable to pay it for the time that you are there. If you have room only tenancies or there is some wording in your agreement to make him liable then the landlord has to pay the tax and you might use that as a bargaining chip to allow for early release. Its a slim chance but worth checking.


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            You will need to be able to show that the guarantor is the one who, at this point, owes you the debt.
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            Fine, so ask estate agent for evidence of service of all relevant documents...

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            One would need to read the actual tenancy to understand rights etc etc.. (please don't post..).

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