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    Mice problem

    I own a new build property which is a semi. There is 3 other houses attached to it. So 4 in a row. All properties have a back garden. At the back of the back garden is a woodland area owned by the council. For years the four properties have got mice. They have been baited up numerous times on many occasions. Even all at same time. The lofts are joined in the properties .

    I found out where the mice was getting in on the properties. Their are 3 vents on the semis on each end and 2 vents on the terraced . I mouse proofed my vents as they could run right in and I also sealed around my soffit where the wall meets as the builders had not sealed them on the build.

    I even got the woodland area at back cut down with council which took hard work.

    I have informed the landlord who I know who owns the other properties that he needs to do his vents and seal gutters as they will keep getting in his loft then into my loft . I even offered to do it once for free and he said its ok he will get his maintenance man to do it. This never happened and he keep letting his properties out with mice.

    Is their anything I can do to get him to seal up as this has been going on for 5 years ?


    Try getting his tenants to put pressure on him, perhaps by reporting it to environmental health.


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