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    New tenant wants to decorate

    I first rented my house out 6 months ago. Just before tenant moved in I had the house painted top to toe. All the gloss work done, ceilings and walls. Its all magnolia with white ceilings.
    My first tenant has moved out after 6 months as he has bought a house and we have a new tenant who is about to move in but says she wants to decorate. My new tenant has signed for a 12 month contract but I have no idea what her long term plans are yet. She wants to paint and paper one of the bedrooms and also the lounge.
    As we are quite new as land lords im not really sure how to reply for the best interests of everyone. Should I let her have the work done but insist on seeing colours and samples and that it is done by a professional? Should we have in writing that it is returned to original condition if she leaves?

    I would explain to the tenant that they cannot decorate the property and offer to end the tenancy if that's not acceptable to them.

    It's not something that you can trust someone to do to the level you think is appropriate and they may not agree with your opinion of whether the property is back to the original condition.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).



      Tenants always decorate carelessly in garish colours with the wrong sort of paint, getting wall paint on ceilings & vice versa, getting paint on carpet, radiators and other fittings.

      Paper is even worse in some ways, as it is likely to take off the top surface of the plasterboard when it is removed.


        Personally, I would let my tenants decorate as it would make the house feel more like their home and would hopefully mean them staying for longer.

        Everyone’s different though.


          12 months unwise: Suggest 6 in future, better & more flexible if there are "issues".

          (Very probably your tenancy) & my tenancies all say no decorating, no alternations etc etc. My position is I tell tenants definitely asis for 1st 6 months: If after 6 months they still want to stay & I'm happy with them & v v then start with a small room. See how they get on with that then decide what else .

          But, usually, tenant "decoration" is not decoration in my book
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


            A definite no from me.

            Quite apart from 90% of people not being able to decorate to a high enough standard for my properties and disregarding the problems with 'tasteful' colour schemes, what part of the already agreed tenancy agreement are they going to ask to break next?

            Keep a dog (cue sob story about owner taken into hospital)? Then another dog to keep the first one company? Move in her waster boyfriend? Change the rent payment date? Change paying any rent at all?

            But perhaps you should allow them. The long nights spent stripping pink wallpaper, cutting over purple silk emulsion and returning the property to fit for human habitation is part of the learning curve all new landlords should go through. Gives plenty of time to reflect where the tenancy first started to go wrong.


              Adding a 4th NO.

              Also, if they leave, they could ( and have ) asked for a rent reduction for the work done, or money for the paint, then get aggressive because they have enhanced your property.( in their mind ).
              You also say NO because ( and not the only reason ) say it was repainted 6 months ago, and you don't want more paint on top of paint.

              And you have a tenant who has not even moved in yet, and wants to change your accommodation, so what's the next thing they will do, without even asking you ?

              Never mind the tenancy agreement, YOU state they cannot modify or alter your property ( the A.S.T will also say that )


                A definite no from me.

                In any case how do you "returned to original condition if she leaves" -- that would involve stripping off a layer of paint and probably re-plastering.
                Don't know why tenants and some landlords think that painting over paint over paint over paint is somehow returning to original condition.

                And -- again --- never grant a tenancy longer than 6 months.


                  Too late checking AST tomorrow. What will you do when T wants to leave after 8 months, stops paying rent or becomes the 'neighbour from Hell'?


                    I see the end result of tenants redecorating and, should I ever become a landlord, I would be emphatic - no!

                    Landlords very rarely se any benefit and often end up paying out a lot of money to make their property rentable again.

                    Your tenant chose to rent your property as seen, not 'as it will be once I have decorated it as I want it'.


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