Cockroaches in newly leased house

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    Cockroaches in newly leased house


    Hoping to find some guidance here before taking further action. Moved into a shared house in London last week - leasing rooms with three other tenants. Upon moving in I found a can of cockroach/pest spray in my wardrobe in the downstairs room. I ignored it and hoped the problem had been solved before we moved in. However, on Friday we found a cockroach crawling through the kitchen during the day and last night I found another crawling beside my bed.

    As this was obviously a problem before I arrived, what are my options? I know from the landlord perspective there will need to be a de-infestation but I’m very scared it will become a drawn out process or a reoccurring problem.

    Our lease is for 12 months with a 6 month clause but the thought of six months with cockroaches makes me feel sick. Any advice would be welcomed.


    You have a choice:
    a) Keep the house clean and food well sealed -- and they will go.
    b) Get poisoned with insecticides.

    According to Wikipedia, cockroaches display collective decision-making when choosing food sources. So it is when they attack you on mass that it's an issue. Just two -- maybe it's just a small cockroach cell.

    There is also a cockroach recipe from (Taiwan) -- salted and fried after removing the head and entrails.

    I would -- let the landlord know in case it becomes a big problem -- at one week he may be responsible. Later on it is your problem.

    Most homes have a few cockroaches


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