Cockroaches in newly leased house

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    Cockroaches in newly leased house


    Hoping to find some guidance here before taking further action. Moved into a shared house in London last week - leasing rooms with three other tenants. Upon moving in I found a can of cockroach/pest spray in my wardrobe in the downstairs room. I ignored it and hoped the problem had been solved before we moved in. However, on Friday we found a cockroach crawling through the kitchen during the day and last night I found another crawling beside my bed.

    As this was obviously a problem before I arrived, what are my options? I know from the landlord perspective there will need to be a de-infestation but I’m very scared it will become a drawn out process or a reoccurring problem.

    Our lease is for 12 months with a 6 month clause but the thought of six months with cockroaches makes me feel sick. Any advice would be welcomed.


    You have a choice:
    a) Keep the house clean and food well sealed -- and they will go.
    b) Get poisoned with insecticides.

    According to Wikipedia, cockroaches display collective decision-making when choosing food sources. So it is when they attack you on mass that it's an issue. Just two -- maybe it's just a small cockroach cell.

    There is also a cockroach recipe from (Taiwan) -- salted and fried after removing the head and entrails.

    I would -- let the landlord know in case it becomes a big problem -- at one week he may be responsible. Later on it is your problem.

    Most homes have a few cockroaches


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    • Reply to Quick question about deposit
      by jpkeates

      You are being asked for compensation for a loss beyond fair wear and tear which the landlord is obliged to keep to a minimum.
      The loss would be the lost use of the carpet, which have lasted 5 years already, and would have had an expected lifetime of maybe 8 years.

      07-05-2021, 16:55 PM
    • Quick question about deposit
      by KittleSkittle
      Am I correct that the landlord can’t charge me for new carpets, but only for the loss of expected life of the original carpets? Or should I just pay up for an easy life?
      07-05-2021, 15:56 PM
    • Reply to Quick question about deposit
      by KittleSkittle
      Carpets weren’t new when I moved in five years ago. There is some damage beyond wear and tear, which I am happy to compensate the landlord for, but do I have to pay the full price of new carpets?
      07-05-2021, 16:12 PM
    • Reply to New AST or periodic tenancy?
      by ash72
      Let the tenancy go automatically into a Periodic state, both you and the T's then have the flexibility to move on if their circumstances changes.
      07-05-2021, 16:10 PM
    • New AST or periodic tenancy?
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      Hi, I have a 5 bedroom property covered by an HMO licence. I have 5 tenants all on the same AST that runs out in June 2021. I am very happy with the tenants and believe they are keen to stay. I'm trying to understand my options and the pros / cons i.e. should I ask them to sign a new AST for a new fixed...
      07-05-2021, 14:11 PM
    • Reply to Quick question about deposit
      by ash72
      The cost would be attributed to the loss of the item (not incl. wear and tear), if you have damaged the carpet by way of burn marks or pet urine and the carpets were new at the time of you moving in, I would expect the full cost back. If in doubt you could raise the issue via the deposit schemes ar...
      07-05-2021, 16:06 PM
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      The government has been running scared because they've been told there will be a wave of homelessness, because there's a huge number of people due to be evicted PLUS an even huger number in arrears who will be evicted immediately it's not next to impossible.

      But that doesn't seem to be...
      07-05-2021, 13:33 PM
    • In view of gov likely to extend eviction ban again
      by rob1648
      Happy easter all, our tenant stopped rent in Nov 2019 (way before Covid), after broken promises to pay we used a solicitor to issue sec 21&sec 8 , they advised us to use s21 accelerated , fast forward after eviction bans to Jan 21 finally got possession order granted , totally ignored by tenant...
      05-04-2021, 15:31 PM
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      I was going to buy a Mobile Home on a site which allows owners to rent them out.
      The one I was going to buy was in a really good setting and would have taken a good photograph for advertising purposes.
      There were two reasons I did not buy.
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