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    Break clause doubt

    Good morning,

    I have a problem to understand if the letting agency is giving me something different from what we talked about earlier or it's just me that I'm not translating it correctly.

    So on the receipt, I have this:
    "break clause on the 3rd month with 2 months notice"

    but on the contract I have:

    "That the Landlord and the Tenant may both give 2 months’ notice in writing to end this Tenancy only after the expiry of the first 3 months of this Tenancy. Each contract to be taken as a new Tenancy and therefore the break clause inserted refers to the specified Tenancy period in this contract only."

    Are these 2 different things or I'm translating in the wrong way ? from what I had understood I thought that after the first month I could give the 2 months notice and leave on the third month, instead from what is written on the contract I can leave on the 5rd month.

    It's not a big deal (I don't want leave after 1 month) but I want to understand if I had understood it correctly or not.

    Thank you.

    They sound pretty similar but the one in the contract is going to apply.

    Break clauses are individually negotiated clauses so if you want something different then ask.

    Having a break clause within the first six months is pretty kind of the landlord anyway, and the law does not allow him to get rid of you in that timescale - so most sensible landlords are not so user-friendly under the current regime.

    You need to stay a minimum of 5 months as worded.


      And if I want to activate it, when I should do it ? can i do 1 day before the 3rd month end and ask to leave on the 5rd month ?


        Actually I erred - it would be just before the end of the 4th month, to leave at the end of the 6th month. So the break clause is meaningless.


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