Subletting- bills after vacating?

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  • jpkeates
    It depends on exactly what your agreement with your landlord says.

    The council and utility companies won't consider you liable, but the agreement may make you responsible for paying for things.

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  • Lettings Agent increasing the rent without asking the landlord
    Jimmy Bean
    I'm an independent landlord and have a happy tenant coming to the end of a 12 month rental agreement. The property was advertised and let with the help of a lettings agent on a let only agreement (not managed). I have found out from the tenant that he received a letter from the estate agency a month...
    26-05-2019, 14:11 PM
  • Reply to Lettings Agent increasing the rent without asking the landlord
    You CAN sack the Agent, but it will prob take 3 mo. Read your Agent's Terms of Business Contract you agreed for severance payment.
    26-05-2019, 22:56 PM
  • Reply to Lettings Agent increasing the rent without asking the landlord
    Not in any tenant find that I have agreed to.
    I make it clear to the agent that I want a one-off fee; my tenants generally stay for 3+ years.
    I also use my own tenancy agreement so that agent cannot sneak in any clauses beneficial to them....
    26-05-2019, 21:17 PM
  • New Tenancy Issues
    Good Evening All,

    I found this forum by a happy accident and would like advice on a tenancy issues on which I am not an well versed in.

    I have recently moved into a property which has a few issues that are making my stay as a tenant quite uncomfortable. The landlord was being...
    25-05-2019, 18:22 PM
  • Reply to New Tenancy Issues
    You write that
    1. The son (S) owns the property;
    2. S is named as LL in the tenancy agreement;
    3. You pay rent to S
    4. S is abroad.
    5. Father (F) is managing the property on behalf of S.
    You ask

    To help answer that question, I need to know
    • Why are you dealing with F?
    • Was the instruction
    26-05-2019, 20:29 PM
  • Landlord's possessions in property

    Looking for some advice. We rent a property from a landlord which is managed by an agent.
    Once we moved in, we discovered several very large boxes of the landlord's possessions stored in the only cupboard.
    Due to this, we have ironing boards, hoovers, etc floating around...
    20-05-2019, 19:03 PM
  • Reply to Landlord's possessions in property
    The landlord does appear to be getting cheap (i.e free) storage at your expense, i think you have acted totally correctly and in a fair manner, the landlord is taking the mickey.
    26-05-2019, 20:25 PM
  • Reply to Lettings Agent increasing the rent without asking the landlord
    They sound like sharks, i use the same kind of service from my agents and i then just let the AST go periodic, i tell the tenants this at the start of the lease and that i will not need another new contract signed, there will be no fees etc...... most are happy with this and sound surprised as in the...
    26-05-2019, 19:50 PM
  • Reply to New Tenancy Issues
    You're describing a situation where the facts clearly show you had a tenancy long before any paperwork was produced by one side, and produced unilaterally in response to a court claim. When there's an agreed tenancy agreement where the person or company stated as landlord is by the facts of the case...
    26-05-2019, 18:22 PM
  • Reply to New Tenancy Issues
    I can say from first hand experience that this is not strictly true. I went to court this week and the court accepted that the landlord is the person to whom rent was paid i.e. who got the cash in their bank account.

    When I rented I never had a tenancy agreement on paper, but since I...
    26-05-2019, 17:56 PM