Subletting- bills after vacating?

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    Hi Andrew

    Thabks for your response.

    I am hoping for some advice regarding my last post - 'landlord' withholding my deposit past the date she agreed it would be returned. She did not propose any deductions, and I moved out over a month ago. I have paid bills up until end of notice period, including some extra last month.

    'Landlord' has had over a month now to sort any final deductions and has not told me of any money that will be deducted. She says she is waiting for a bill from energy supplier to see if there is anything outstanding on he account (if there is, it would be about £20 - surely she should just pay this herself as the liable tenant). She is instead withholding my whole deposit (£1200, so obviously I am keen to get it back..)

    So my question is, as this much time has passed, can I continue to request my deposit back and take it further with a LBA?


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    • Giving Notice
      Hello, this is my first post.

      I am about send a notice to quit to my tenants, they have been there for over 3 years. The tenancy began on the 27th day of the month. My question is, does it have to end on the 27th or can it end on any day of the month, say the 2nd?

      22-02-2019, 20:18 PM
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      You think?
      You should also include 'Info reqd from new posters' from the stickies.
      23-02-2019, 04:24 AM
    • Help with bad landlord
      I have a friend who has rented a property on an assured shorthold tenancy for 3 years now. The tenancy has long expired and so has automatically converted into a periodic tenancy.

      Recently following an inspection the boiler in the property was condemned and switched off as a result. She...
      21-02-2019, 16:00 PM
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      She seems to have her own ideas of how the law works, else she is trying to convince you that's how the law works.

      You have told her she can't just write that she is putting it up without your friends agreement and your friend doesn't have to leave if she doesn't pay the increase. No need...
      23-02-2019, 01:09 AM
    • Reply to Help with bad landlord
      She also refuses to issue the section 13 notice that I asked for and said the rent is going regardless, although she has now changed it to the 1st April as I said the 1st March was not enough notice....
      22-02-2019, 23:44 PM
    • Reply to Help with bad landlord
      We have offered her 11 different dates to come and inspect, she is saying no I am coming on this date at this time. My friend has no problem with her inspecting but she wants to be home at the time and she wants me there to translate and I don’t finish work until 5pm. We have asked her to come at...
      22-02-2019, 23:40 PM
    • Reply to Help with bad landlord
      The tenant would be in breach of their obligations. The landlord's remedy would be to start eviction proceedings for breach of covenant. However, if a reasonable alternative time had been proposed, I don't think the court would grant possession as a result.

      On the other hand, from the...
      22-02-2019, 23:23 PM
    • Reply to Help with bad landlord
      From that email she isn't saying she will enter if noone lets her in. She is being vague about what she will do. In theory she could get a court order to gain entry. But if you have given her alternative times for access then this would be silly.

      Based on what she says in the email I don't...
      22-02-2019, 23:05 PM
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      no worries, i probably should have mentioned that...
      22-02-2019, 21:30 PM
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      Oh, don't ask me about Scotland. Sorry for confusing you.
      22-02-2019, 21:27 PM