Subletting- bills after vacating?

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    Hi Andrew

    Thabks for your response.

    I am hoping for some advice regarding my last post - 'landlord' withholding my deposit past the date she agreed it would be returned. She did not propose any deductions, and I moved out over a month ago. I have paid bills up until end of notice period, including some extra last month.

    'Landlord' has had over a month now to sort any final deductions and has not told me of any money that will be deducted. She says she is waiting for a bill from energy supplier to see if there is anything outstanding on he account (if there is, it would be about £20 - surely she should just pay this herself as the liable tenant). She is instead withholding my whole deposit (£1200, so obviously I am keen to get it back..)

    So my question is, as this much time has passed, can I continue to request my deposit back and take it further with a LBA?


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