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    My lettings agent does inspections every three months. My partner on his rental property has his agent do inspections every six months. Just a general question, how often would you do or have an agent do inspections?

    The first one after 3 months. The second one after a further 3 months (so at the 6 month mark) and then every 6 months.


      My council requires them to be three monthly for all properties subject to Additional or Selective landlord licensing.

      Remember the inspections are supposed to be to detect the need to do repairs, not to monitor your lifestyle.


        Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
        Remember the inspections are supposed to be to detect the need to do repairs, not to monitor your lifestyle.
        Hey I do inspections to see whether the contract I have with the tenants is being adhered to. A lot of this does have to do with lifestyle (smoking, cats, damaging stuff, doing things that cause risk to me like keeping petrol in the house) or warning tenants of lifestyle things that will later lead to damage and loss to them and of which they might not be aware (like walking on my flat roofs).

        I feel perfectly entitled to do that. Yes some aspects of lifestyle are private, but some are contractual.


          with a housing charity, they do it every month. Normal letting agent does it every quarter.


            I agree with you Andrew. Yes repairs to keep the property in order and tenants happy! but also to check on things, such as mould (drying clothes inside and not ventilating properly) or to make sure the property is not covered in animal waste, or even to make sure they are not hoarding. (I have seen some properties, not mine! Where the whole place was covered in junk, animal poo and mould from poor ventilation!) my tenants also left the gas on, on the gas fire and went on holiday, came back and then called National grid out to a “gas leak” the agent called me who obviously panicked! Only to be told two hours later that the gas fire had been left on by the tenants (that was over Bon fire night as well!) So after that I thought quarterley inspections was the way forward to make sure the property is being looked after and to look after the property as well and carry out necessary repairs.


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              Re New Freeholder's admin charges

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              Sounds like a good deal for novice landlord like me
              23-10-2018, 13:14 PM
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              I agree on that, but the contract could be updated. This way I'm paying for 2 days that I did not live in the flat.
              Are you sure there is nothing that can be done? From what I read on internet I understood that the tenant should pay starting from the day he moved in....
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