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    Part Admission of Debt MCOL Help!

    Hi, hoping someone can help.

    First claim on mcol, so I’m finding my feet.

    I have just received forms n9a and n9b from the court, regarding the defendants part admission to my claim started in mcol.

    However that was all I have received, I received no other forms (I thought I should have received form n225a attached the n9 and b?, or at least directions on how to proceed, as per mcol guidance?)

    My question is what do I do next?

    Should the court have sent me these forms, or can I proceed directly on mcol (not sure how, but I guess it’s in the request for judgement section?).

    Not decided to accept or reject part admission yet, so need to understand how to deal with both if thats OK.

    Can anyone advise.

    Many thanks for any help.

    Yes you should have received other forms for guidance and to make a reply.
    Phone them - be prepared for long wait or try 1st thing and tell them what you have received.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      Thanks for your reply Interlaken. I will try them by phone at the end and beginning of each day. In the meantime I have emailed them (they advise you do this due to their phones lines being so busy).

      I am concerned as I think, but I am not sure as I don’t have the documentation , that I have 14 days to respond (although I have also read 33 days?). The part admission was received by the court on the 18th, I received it on 22nd so time is ticking on.

      Therefore could I ask has anyone had the same situation, and if so could you give me a heads up of what I need to do if I accept or reject the offer?

      Although I think I now understand what to do if I accept, it’s simply to go onto mcol and request judgement.

      many thanks for any help!


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