tenant hasn't paid last months rent

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    If you give 24 hours notice of your intention to visit to inspect the condition of the property, you have a right to enter.
    The tenant can decline to allow you in, or lock you out (they have a right to exclude you that matches your right to enter).

    So you turn up when you say you will (presuming they haven't responded) with a witness, knock, make a lot of noise opening the door, shout hello anyone there for a while until you are sure you're a) dealing with an empty house or b) you and the witness can honestly say you believed you were and go in.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Ok, thanks for that bit of information. Hopefully it looks like it won't come to this as I received a text back from the tenant stating a time that is ok for me to pick the keys up. I have a feeling they have already moved out and living else where and are just waiting for the date stated on the S21 notice to hand the keys back.


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      • Form 6A notice to quit
        D P Dance
        I am selling one of my properties, and have been informed by my local council Housing Officer that I need to give notice to my tenant of six years by servinge her with form 6A

        However, the guidance which accompanies the form, downloaded today from the government website, states I do not....
        15-01-2019, 17:04 PM
      • Reply to Form 6A notice to quit
        D P Dance
        It's hard to imagine you have any grounds to complain.

        Do you not think that being given wrong information by Council employees is sufficient? How about incorrect information on their website?

        First they came for the socialists ...
        16-02-2019, 08:44 AM
      • Management company for maintenance
        I am a LH in a block of 5 flats. Each LH pays £100 pm into the Management Company a/c for purpose of maintenance. The freeholder who is also a LH has been spending money without agreement from me. Is the Freeholder allowed to do this? I have challenged the FH on this who has said the majority of the...
        15-02-2019, 22:45 PM
      • Reply to Management company for maintenance
        The railings were not necessary and purely to make the property ‘look better’. I’m confused when you mention the managing agent? As far as I’m aware the LH’s set up the Management Company themselves and therefore there is no managing agent. Thank you for your advice I will look up RICS.
        16-02-2019, 07:55 AM
      • Can I ask for a doctors note
        michael james
        Hello, I am looking for advice regarding a tenant who initially told me in December that he had been in hospital for 2 weeks for an operation on his nose and would not be able to pay his rent until January 2017 saying he will have to stay in hospital longer another 2 weeks at their request and as a...
        18-01-2017, 11:39 AM
      • Woodlice - cause for concern?
        Bit of an odd one here. I moved into a house a few months ago and have come to learn I actually share it with quite a few tiny housemates. I'll probably see up to 5 woodlice most days walking around the lounge and hallway downstairs, both laminate. From a personal perspective I'm not bothered by them...
        15-02-2019, 09:23 AM
      • Reply to Woodlice - cause for concern?
        Thanks jpkeates and nukecad. I've let the LL know to make them aware. I don't mind crawlies myself as long as they stay out the kitchen and bedroom.
        16-02-2019, 06:00 AM
      • Reply to Management company for maintenance
        We cannot read your lease from here.

        You seem to have a tail wagging the dog. The management company controls the managing agent, not the other way round, although, in a good relationship, the agent will advise and the management company will agree.

        The work on the railings...
        16-02-2019, 00:27 AM
      • Reply to Management company for maintenance
        The FH is saying that in addition to the £100 pm that the LH’s pay that we would need to pay one fifth of the costs to repair areas listed in the dilapidation report. Is this correct?...
        16-02-2019, 00:04 AM
      • Reply to Management company for maintenance
        The FH is the secretary of the Management Company and all LH’s are Directors. There has been a recent instance whereby the FH spent circa £4K on railings for the property without agreement from me as a LH/Director. The FH has also undertaken a dilapidation report which states a number of areas that...
        16-02-2019, 00:01 AM