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    Partner as Permitted occupier worries

    Hi all

    Apologies if this has been answered somewhere but u have looked everywhere and can' find an answer!!

    My current landlord is selling their property so I have put an app in for a new one. I have been renting on my own for three years and not caused any problems my credit is fine and my job is a decent permanent one. I have applied as a sole tennant however my partner is currently looking to move down here. I need to move now hence the sole tenancy but he should be here soon too. He has a ccj in his name as a result of his parents going bankrupt and dragging him into a legal battle. We would like him ideally as a permitted occupier as I can pay the rent on my own. Agent has said he can go on as a permitted occupier in the future if I want or a tennant but either way he needs reference checks.

    Can they refuse him as an occupier as a result of the ccj even though I can pay the rent and will likely have been doing for a couple of months too?

    Due to his parents mess he is renting a property currently with a garantour and his parents are occupiers...the lease doesn't run out until September. It is very unlikely he can get out of it sooner than that for personal reasons. Is this also going to impact on whether he can be an occupier.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advance all!

    Than can refuse or not for whatever (legal) reason they like.

    CCJs are not binary things. As a landlord I would want the FULL details of what exactly the CCJ was about, with evidence.

    It is fairly hard to stop you from taking on a lodger, but if landlord feels hoodwinked they can evict you when able to do so.

    I would just be upfront and say that you wish to let as the sole tenant, but want permission to have an unspecified lodger stay at some point (you have more than one potential partner in mind). See what happens.

    But this sort of thing is a lesson in why not to get a CCJ.


      Credit ref checks are only required for signatory Ts or Guarantor, but as LL I would credit ref anyone wishing to reside in my property. Explain to LL/LA in writng (dated) that you apply as sole T, but you wish your named partner/bf as permtted occupier. LL can reject your T applicaiion.


        As others have said, be upfront and you should be ok with a reasonable landlord. Even permitted occupiers have to have Right to Rent checks so its not unusual


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