*Urgent* Landlord/Letting Agents not repairing heating/drainage 2 months+

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    *Urgent* Landlord/Letting Agents not repairing heating/drainage 2 months+

    Hello All,

    I live in Scotland.

    I am new to these forums so am not aware if I have came to the right place with these queries but I am in desperate need of advice as we are being caused hell by our Landlord/ettings Agent and want to know our rights/correct course of action. The flat's couch was absolutely covered in rat droppings therefore we replaced this ourselves. On the first night we tried to sleep on the bed provided we discovered it was cracked underneath and fell through, we replaced this also. Now to move on to the major issues.

    1) Heating - the electric storage heaters within our flat have 2 controls. 1 Boost control and 1 Input control. The boost controls on the living room and bedroom heaters are jammed and canot be moved therefore are constantly on maximum giving us no control over our own heating resulting in boiling temperatures between 1am and 10am then no heating at all throughout the day/early evening. Furtermore the heaters themselves even when on full power in the winter time leave the flat at a maximum of 7 degrees due to high ceilings in the rooms.

    These issues were highlighted to our letting agent who subsequently sent 3 seperate contractors out over the space of 1.5 months. The contractors visited in the morning, touched the heaters, and as they were hot to touch deemened them as in working order - Ignored the broken dials we highlighted to them nor the fact that the heaters were not providing an adequate amount of heating to heat the rooms leaving us sitting in freezing temperatures over winter. The second and third contractors took quotes for new heating systems which were fed to the landlord however nothing was ever followed up on these over the space of 2 months.

    Finally the director of our lettings agent visited the flat as the Landlord allegedley did not believe what we were saying. He then agreed they were not sutable and faulty and fed this back to her. She then apparently agreed to replace them however 2 weeks have since passed and we've still had no new heaters. Letting agent have offered a few times to give us external heaters in the meantime.

    2) Drainage - the flat does not have a suficient plumbing/drainage system. I am no expert but when we stand in our shower for over 2-3 minutes it has completely filled with water and begings to leak out into the hallway failing to drain through the plug (our shower is tiny and is a box room in itself). This was highlighted to the letting agents who provided a quote to the landlord for work to be done which again she refused as too expensive. 2 months into our tenancy we still do not have a shower that drains correctly. The kitchen sink has been the same a few times.

    Letting agent just conitunes to send contractors who have no clue what to do and simply put acid down the drain which doesn't resolve the issue whatsoever. Letting agent have stated "Oh its just the way the building is built, the pipes are horizontal instead of vertical, can't be changed".

    3) Rotting kitchen surfaces - our tap in the kitchen was faulty upon moving in and could not be moved/adjusted correctly. We have now been left without a kitchen tap.

    4) We have a log burner fire. The flat did not come with a carbon monoxide detector.

    The list of issues goes on but the above are the major ones we are concerned about. We have asked for compensation but been told as the flat is the lower end in rent we shouldn't get any. We've been told because the flat does have heaters although they don't work, as they are there, we have no rights to claim on this.

    We are now trying to find out if we are entitled to any compensation potentially or what our best bet is to get the flat we paid for up to a living standard.

    Please advise.


    the baffles on storage heaters are mechanical so can be repaired normally pretty easy. if you are inclined to take the cover off (remove knobs and a couple of phillips screws at the bottom of each corner then you might see the problem. of course the heaters should be isolated from the electricity supply firs, but there should be a switch close by. I say inclined because you ae under no obligation to do so !! similarly with the blocked shower drain, are you able to see where it discharges outside? it my be blocked there and not at the shower end? chances are it is at the shower end though, so you prob need to access the pipework underneath, if its not a top access drain. again, I'm not suggesting you should do it, but you may decide to ..... if the landlord agrees - get their plumber to change the type of waste fitting in the shower to a top access one, so the problem wont occur again and wont cost much more than cleaning the current trap from underneath


      I felt very sorry for you on reading your post but was disappointed at the end to see that you are only after compensation. How will that help you? The flat is unacceptable but a rent reduction suddenly makes it acceptable? If I were you I would visit the agent in their office with the full list of defects and ask to be released from the tenancy.


        'phone shelter 0808 800 4444.

        They are the experts on these matters and their website has loads of info on the issues that. Follow the formal complaints / tribunal processes, if only for the sake of next tenants.

        You need complaints in writing, and when told something (or nothing) confirm what you were told ,in writing, to landlord (yes landlord) , copy agent, keep copy.
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          Buy a carbon monoxide detector. They are £15 or less. Only leaves 3 problems to resolve which I agree are bad - esp the heating in this weather. I hate storage heating at the best of times. However if you have a log burner surely that keeps you warm in the living room at least when it is lit though I am sure the bedrooms are cold! Follow Artful's advice and get the issues resolved. As for compensation - use electric heaters and you may be able to claim the cost of a certain amount of electricity as compensation? The best course of action would be to move as soon as possible in my opinion!
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