Tennant refusing repair option to lights

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    Tennant refusing repair option to lights

    Just a question on repairs. The lighting in the lounge is broken, I want to get an electrician in to replace the two big light fittings with recessed LED lighting. The Tenant is refusing this repair work as they are concerned about the mess. they are not making an issue and have even offered to replace them themselves and pay for cheap light fittings, but I just want to be sure am not failing in my responsibility as a landlord by having my proposal refused and not being prepared to do it the way they would prefer and replace the fittings 1 for 1. Any thoughts?


    Simply put in email/writing (keep copy) that you have made the offer to repair, at your expense, point to the clause that says they can't make such repairs and gently remind them not to, asking them to contact you when it would be suitable for your electrician to call, or offer to supervise him & let him in yourself.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      But if he's refusing the repair being offered out of fear of mess because its not a like for like replacement but technically an improvement, can i insist on that? Not that i'm going to cause an issue as they have been a good tenant for 5 years. What i'm getting at is if they do the repair themselves at their own cost is there any issue with that and having been refused the repair I've offered, can I in any way be held responsible for not repairing it in the way they want? I live 300 miles from the flat so me being there is anon starter.


        Is this a safety issue?

        If it is, and if they are refusing I would carefully document it and then evict them as soon as possible (after making sure that they are really sure they want to resist).

        If it is not a safety issue - then why bother. Just let them live with broken lights.

        Definitely DO NOT let them replace the fittings themselves.

        Also, are they trying to resist access to prevent you from knowing what is going on in the property (brothel, cannabis farm etc.). Sounds as if you need to arrange an inspection as soon as you can.

        Or are they concerned that your replacements will somehow not be good for them -- in which case it is an issue.


          You cannot insist on an improvement. But you have a duty to repair: Tenant can probably get council involved to force you to repair. . 300miles? I have 505 mile each-way trip. You made the choice to rent it out, nobody forced you, one has to accept the consequences of one's decisions. (One end of yours isn't Scotland is it?)

          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


            Fix the broken lights with similar.
            I too would object to stupid, less light L.E.D'S
            I have seven led's in the bathroom, when one 100 watt bulb produces more light and illuminates the whole bathroom.

            led's are constantly needing replacement as it's the holders that overheat and stop working.

            Do your duty, and just replace like for like.
            You don't live there, so observe the wishes to replace like for like.


              What is fault with current lighting?
              It is T resp to replace readily accessible light bulbs but LL resp to repair rest of circuit.
              Delay any improvement until end of Tenancy.


                I have a different view (what's new?) - I would let them replace the lights as they wished, document that they wanted to do this and had refused my offer to repair and ask for an electrical cert to say they are safe. Happy tenant, no expense for me, legal bases covered, replace when tenant leaves...
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                  thanks for the various comments, I can see one or two of you must have had nightmare tenants! He isn't growing cannabis! he is allowing access, just doesn't want work done that might cause a mess. Like for like replacement of units is not possible as they are 'trendy' multi halogen bulb lights with transformer unit that are no longer made, so any replacement will be different (I assume the unit transformer has died), so surely as landlord i have the right to say what that replacement entails (its not some old dump, but a modern riverside flat in london that was my home 20 years ago before i had a family and moved north) t

                  I'm not sure why you think LEDs are so bad, they were 8 years ago, but we use LEDs in our own house and they are great, low energy, so long as you use the right number in a room they produce plenty of light, and in 5 years not one has blown. I would pay for quality and not go for some cheap rubbish.

                  anyway, i just came on here hoping someone would know the actual requirement. I am happy to pay for new lights, but want it done in one way, he doesn't want that so i was simply asking am i required to do it the way the tenant wants or if he refuses what i propose is that then his issue?


                    Originally posted by nbhamilt View Post
                    i was simply asking am i required to do it the way the tenant wants or if he refuses what i propose is that then his issue?
                    As suggested, if you want to improve the lighting ( multipul led's are not an inprovement in the brightness of a room ) wait till te tenant leaves, and replace your single light fitting with one wire, one bulb and a lamp shade till tenant leaves.

                    By the way, I have "normal" old type single light bulbs in each room, at 100 watt ( not the low energy - takes years to get to full brightness ones ) that are bought specially.
                    Apart from the bathroom as previously stated, i have a row of 5 led's in the kitchen,( 12 inches long ), but one is poined at the sink, at the wotktops, at the fridge, and are totally useless in providing enough light.

                    It's you that thinks led's are a must have, are cool, and desirable.
                    I can assure you, they are crap. Ive lived with them.

                    There is no reason for you to mess up the ceiling, cause a mess, disruption, when you can just put a single - off the shelf lamp in the same possition as now.

                    Yes, I am posting against doing what you want, but it's a forum, and ideas and recomendations for and against what you want.is better than closed minds.


                      Ok thanks, I was just making the point also that we too have LED lamps in our own kitchen, 8 of them in a big kitchen diner and they are good, so it really depends what you buy and how they are set up, but I appreciate the advice as I do want to get it right.


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