Ending tenancy contract - Rent increase

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    Ending tenancy contract - Rent increase


    For personal reasons, we have to move and end our tenancy contract 3 months earlier. We gave 1 month notice to the agency and they said the landlord agreed to break the contract as long as someone else occupied the property.

    I have been advertising the property to find a new tenant and finally found 2 ladies interested. I directed them to the agency for the application. However, they were told at the agency that the landlord had increased the rent from 650 to 725 a month and they are no longer interested.

    I believe that the rent increase is unfavourable to me (especially in the case mentioned above) and they are pressuring me to pay next month's rent because nobody has applied for the tenancy yet. Do I have any legal options in this case?

    Thanks in advance

    Not really: You are contracted to pay full (current) rent to end of your tenancy, regardless of being there or not. The landlord does not have to accept any new occupants at all & can set such terms as he wishes.

    You do have the option of calling their bluff: Saying "OK, I'll keep it then @ £650".

    Life ain't fair.

    And, as Proudhon said,
    Property is theft! (French: La propriété, c'est le vol!)
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      You could let the Agent know that you're thinking you might sublet the property on AirBnB for the remaining 3 months so that you can implement your plans. Its probably against the terms of your tenancy but in practice there is nothing they can really do about it that would be worth their while. They might reconsider the rent for the two ladies.


        Thank you both for your answers.


        Interesting idea, can we have any legal problems if we decide to do this? There is indeed a term against subletting in our contract.


          I wouldnt actually go through with it. Too much of a headache for the uninitiated, but may make the landlord think again


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