Inventory check out done by the estate agency

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    Inventory check out done by the estate agency

    Hi all.

    I have a house where the estate agency was fully managing the house for me when the tenants moved in. The estate agency did the inventory and signed on my behalf.
    The tenants are now moving out and I asked to see the inventory. It has minimum detail, the top floor of the house has no photos and there are items that the inventory does not have in there. It was obvious that it was poorly done.
    The estate agency stated that they can do the inventory check out or that I can do it.
    Does an inventory check in/out clerk have to have a qualification?
    Can I claim money back from the estate agency for the fact that the inventory was so poorly done? I can see myself having issues with items missing or being wrong in the house after move out.

    Thanks all.

    Problem with having a quality, thorough Checkout done now though is there is nothing to compare it to, so good luck in proving that the property wasn’t already in that state.
    As for can you claim; I’m not sure. Again, the owness will be on you to prove things were in a stated condition before hand, which you probably don’t have.

    Sack your estate agent and learn from this lesson.


      You are resp for the Inv via YOUR agent. You may have a claim if you can show Agent was negligent, but you were.

      onus is on you.


        And once you've sacked the Agent, report them to whichever redress scheme their affiliated


          Thanks all. The inventory check out has a fee of £60 that will be deducted from the deposit. Is it better for me to do the check out or the estate agency? If I do it, do I keep the £60? thank you


            As a clerk I would do a check out / general condition report based on what information you have. If you think the lack of proper inventory will cause you issues (and I think it could) then it might be worth finding a 3rd part to do it for you, the 2 main associations are the AIIC and ARLA. They both have different requirements for their clerks, there are no national requirements. I don't think it would make much difference, just find one that is close that can do this for you!



            Then sack the agent and report them to the relevant redress scheme. An incomplete inventory is wilful stupidity on their part!

            Good luck


              Stef Cooke,

              Thanks that is very useful!

              When the estate agency does the inventory, do they have to be a member of AIIC or ARLA?
              Also when you have things missing or needing more cleaning, how do you judge the price that will be deducted from the deposit?

              Many thanks


                Originally posted by RedHitman View Post
                learn from this lesson.
                yes... learn what DPT57 says, that as LL you are responsible and that you should have requested a copy of the inventory immediately after it was done... and checked that whoever the agent appointed to do it was compliant. Agent should also be giving you advice on your last question above and, if they're good, it will be correct. But you won't know that until you know the correct answers... so you can see where the responsibility ultimately lies here.

                Good luck!


                  Originally posted by kesm View Post

                  When the estate agency does the inventory, do they have to be a member of AIIC or ARLA?
                  Also when you have things missing or needing more cleaning, how do you judge the price that will be deducted from the deposit?

                  Many thanks
                  Ideally they should be with ARLA... the AIIC is for clerks who are not agents or their direct employees. But membership is not compulsory.

                  Costs are always worked out the same way, based partly on how many years of use you have lost of the item. Any good agent will be able to talk you through this, very, very easily and clearly. It is an every day occurrence for them, they should have no problem talking you through it!

                  Cleaning is at cost... I always advise using a professional cleaner, that way you have a very specific cost, and you can call them back if it isn't done well enough. But the whole cost may not be down to the tenant... it is a case of being seen to be reasonable! Again a good agent will be able to talk you through the pitfalls of cleaning costs!

                  Now you know just how much you weren't aware of, I would suggest that you take up some the landlord training. make yourself your own expert!


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