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    If you have not signed a contract then surely you are not legally bound to the property i.e whats stopping you from paying the rent for this month and leaving?
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      I have a Subletting Solution

      Originally posted by roaneah View Post

      I moved into a house in August 2007 as a sublet. I didn't sign a contract and assumed everything was legal at the time. A few months later one of the housemates mentioned that the landlord didn't know I was living there and that it was in the contract that they mustn't sublet. I live with one other subletter and two guys who are actually on the tenancy agreement.

      I've fallen short of paying my rent this month by £100. I told this to the housemates who have the tenancy agreement as I usually send the money to them to pay to the landlord. I was told that they spoke to the landlord and he said it was unacceptable and I would need the full amount by this Friday. I told them that I couldn't do this. They supposedly phoned the landlord again who said it was ok as long as I make it up next month. I'm starting to think it's all a bit dodgy! Am I within my rights to just pay rent for this week and move out at the weekend?

      I also have paid a deposit of £500. I don't know whether the housemates actually gave this to the landlord, kept it seperately, or spent it. What are my rights in giving it back to me? I assume that at the very least I have a verbal contract with the housemates as they made it explicit that I would definitely get this back when I move out.

      Many thanks for your help/insight.
      Good day, I am truly sorry to hear about your situation, but by now you would have sorted it out, hopfully...

      I saw this problem 2 years ago and we have since then run houses in a subletting manner, sort of the same way as you are managed now. However I pride our company on integrity and honesty. I teamed up with developers to desighn software specifically for the average sublettor in mind and to protect his money, especially his deposit. 100% transperant system as to what was paid when and where. It is a online management system, I hate to see cases where people are being done in. To that end, if you want to live somewhere with peace of mind, get your landlord to use this, I will personally give him it for free, no subscription. Just quote W1D4DTWW to our company and he can use the service for free.

      If you are in London (we are looking to expand nationwide), we run a dedicated service to helping people get safe and secure shared accommodation with thoroughly checked housemantes



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