AST Ended. Wouldn't Leave. Section 21 Served. Rent Overdue. Now Screwing Us Around

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    AST Ended. Wouldn't Leave. Section 21 Served. Rent Overdue. Now Screwing Us Around

    AST came to an end. Tenant refused to leave. We served a Section 21. Rent now 3 weeks overdue.
    Tenant requesting discount due to minor number of outstanding repairs, as well as guarantee their deposit will be repaid in full.
    We can issue Section 8 next week as by then will be 2 months overdue.

    Tenant requested meeting. Agreed and visited property. Tenants wife advised tenant not home try again another time. Tried a few more times, no luck.
    Called several times and no answer. Now heard from him, wants to meet at public place. Which seems bizarre.

    Feel he's jerking us around. Either as can't pay rent and looking for excuses or because he's angling for another fight I haven't yet worked out. Have been working very hard to accommodate them, now feeling they are taking the piss out of me.

    There's no requirement to meet him at all from what I understand. Tending towards telling him to make any complaints in writing whilst simultaneously sending him written demands for outstanding rent. Then need to decide whether to issue Section 8 next week or just let Section 21 run it's slow course.

    Help/guidance appreciated.

    I'd try and keep any complaints out of print IIWY. You never know if they will be brought up at a possession hearing.


      You can serve s8g10 when only 1p underpaid for 1 day.

      S21 doesn't end tenancy nor require tenant to leave.

      Typical timescales for eviction if tenant resists requests for earlier than required departure are 40+ weeks
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        I would stick with the s21 as the tenant sounds like the type that would fabricate repair issues to delay a possession notice with a s8. I'd also refuse to meet now and just stick to formal communication by post or email if your contract allows it.


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