anyone got the answer to this one ??

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  • jeffrey
    From L's point of view, better to let to organization. This will be outside the Housing Act 1988. Reserve full rent (inc. the extra £25 which the individual wil be funding).

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  • alidee
    started a topic anyone got the answer to this one ??

    anyone got the answer to this one ??

    Have someone who wants to take a room in a property. She is doing voluntary work and the organisation she works for will be paying her rent, deposit etc. She however will have to top up the rent by about £25pcm.
    My question is - do the company and the tenant need a tenancy agreement and should I still reference her ? If so what TA do I use for the company as its not a business tenancy as such ???
    I have spoken to the company and they get her to sign a contract with them stating if she damages the property she is liable.
    Please please any advice gratefully received
    Many thanks

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