Shall I file a claim against the agency? Hope that someone can advise on this

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    Originally posted by mariner View Post
    How can LL repair a leak from a flat he does not own?
    Quite, same situation as a freehold property with a problem from an adjoining property. It can be solved eventually through legal action but it takes a long time.

    Quick anecdote. Flat above was leaking into one of mine. Long story short, the tenant above had mental issues and would routinely flood the bathroom for a laugh. I went up there with my plumber (paid for by myself) and there were no plumbing leaks. Tenant was a nice bloke when normal but it took a year for his landlord to get rid, on many other grounds as well.


      Dear All,

      Many thanks for all your kind replies to my thread.

      Yesterday I have sent an email to my agency stating that the landlord is not fullfiling the duties under contract and that I had to live in an unihabitable environment for 3 months already. The agent then got back to me saying that the reason why it took so long was because they had to persue the relevant persons liable for the leak which has taken quite a while but it’s only in the last week that they have agreed to pay for the repairs. The agent then got back to me again confirming the works are due to start first week of January.

      To me that does not make sense still.

      I wonder what would happen if the upstairs landlord refused to pay? Does it mean I'd have to live with this for the whole year until someone decides to fix it? I would assume they'd start repair works in September, when it was first reported, and then bill whoever is liable for the damage.

      Am I wrong with the above?

      Again, I would like to thank everyone for your replies.


        If you're not happy with the answers the Agent is giving you then contact the Environmental Health dept at the local Council.


          How do you propose they gain access to the upstairs flat if the occupants refuse entry?


            I think OP has understandable concerns but lacks experience as a T. It is not in most LLs interest to ignore a problem with their Property, but if caused by a third Party common sense would suggest any cause be rectified before any resultant damage. I do not know what prior actions were taken by LL/LA.
            This time of year it would be difficult to find a tradesman much before 8 Jan 18.
            LA indicates someone has accepted resp and repairs should be concluded early Jan. IMO that is when T complaint against LL, clock should commence.


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