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    Landords In Swale area Kent

    Just found this site,hope someone can help,after losing our own property--bad investment--scam--bankruptcy etc etc, my wife and i are hoping to rent.
    Is there a listing of landlords who accept tenants on pension credits and housing benefits in the swale catchment area, as we are finding it almost impossible unless we accept a bedsit/flat. Have looked through the directory here without any luck.

    Sorry if this should not be on this forum but had to try.

    No to HB tenants

    I live in another part of Kent, so not able to help you directly. TBH as a LL working through a nightmare with a HB tenant when she eventually legally evicted it highly unlikely we would touch another HB beneficiary - they would have to be personally recommended by good friends "and" these friends must act as guarantor.
    With the new HB payment rollout happening in April - T gets paid money direct instead of LL, you might find it even harder to rent a property. There are ways around this apparently, your housing future dosent seem to be too bright if you also have a bankruptcy tag unfortunately. Do you have friends or friends of friends who have rentals?


      I live in another part of kent but as above i would be very reluctant to let a place to a HB tenant again. I have 2 at the moment, 1 is fine, the other is a pain. Both are let below market value and the one that is a pain is the daughter of a mate of a mate who needed somewhere to stay. The rent service are complete jokers and there is absolutely no incentive for a landlord to let to HB rather than private. I can get more money with less hassle going private so other than a social conscious there really is nothing to recommend HB. Plus with the roll out of LHA it's going to be even worse for landlords unfortunately


        Re: Landlord in Swale area Kent

        Thanks for the prompt replies, i do understand the problems from the landlords point of view, the new LHA coming in certainly does not look too promising for HB tenants.
        By the way it is not me that has gone bankrupt but my dear brother who had my investment, never trust familiy in business.



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