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    Items stolen

    I've been renting a property for 4 1/2 years and have just finished the tenancy. Last Summer we had a shed theft, lawnmower, blower and a few tools taken. I replaced all these and I regularly looked after the garden. The question is who had the items stolen? The landlord or me? Whose are the replacement items, mine or his? This is not a case of me stealing items from the property, this was a legitimate theft from a locked garden shed, the window was removed from the shed and the lock forced.

    Thanks in advance

    Assuming those items were the landlords property and were listed on the inventory, you only had use of them during the tenancy.

    Once the theft occured, the landlord should have claimed on his insurance, reported to police etc. You would probably have had to give a witness statement.

    Therefore it is the landlords responsibility to replace those items.

    If you have subsequently bought some new gardening equipment, it is yours to take with you when your tenancy ends.


      If you did not tell the landlord at the time, nor report it to the police, you pay for the stuff.

      Of course if the landlord does not believe the thefts were genuine or you somehow facilitated the theft it is open to him to sue you.

      Many insurance policies do not cover theft from sheds. If you were told items should not be kept in the shed (or if in the inventory they are listed as being located in a locked garage) then you are responsible - in much the same way as if you had left them lying in the garden.

      How exactly did they get into the shed?


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