Landlord Dispute over bleeding rads HELP!

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    Landlord Dispute over bleeding rads HELP!

    OK so I'm student, i share a privately rented house with 6 other students.
    Since moving in June, our heating wasn't working. (Hot water was fine). But we only realized about a week ago when we first went to use it.

    So after turning up the thermostat, and the radiators not heating up, I instantly thought to bleed the radiators, so i did, and it didn't work.
    It was at this point when i emailed my landlord explaining the issue and that i had bled the rads so it wasn't that. (after a bit of research i realized the thermostat had lost signal to the receiver unit)
    But i didn't go on to solve this myself as i could be held liable for any damage.

    She emailed me back explaining that she would send a contractor round to fix the issue, and when he came round, he did. He explained to me i was right to bleed the rads and to not try and solve this myself, and that the issue was down to a loss of signal between the stat and RF unit. (i saved him like 45 mins!)

    The next day i received an e-mail stating:
    "it is not acceptable for anyone to bleed the radiators or to interfere with the fittings/fixtures of the property in anyway without consent (which i have not given).
    In light of the above, please be advised that any charges incurred by the contractor will be passed onto the tenants."

    Now, i understand that the maintenance of the heating system is down the the LL, HOWEVER...

    In my tenancy agreement, there is an article under the "Cleaning and Maintenance" section which says:

    "The Tenant is responsible for cleaning, maintaining, and keeping free from all blockages and obstructions all baths, sinks, lavatories, cisterns, drains, gutters, pipes, chimneys and the like (where applicable)."

    Surely this implies freeing the rad pipes from air blockages? who should pay these costs? Help!

    I wouldn't sweat it. Just don't pay. Sounds like the rads needed bleeding anyway.


      If you used a proper rad 'key' I think the LL is being a bit precious. The AST clause does not relate to bleeding rads.. Given LL attitude, do not attempt any minor repairs to her property, but report all faults to systems for which she is responsible inc heating.


        I'd simply ignore this daft trump-esque landlady throwing her toys out of her pram. If she charges you don;t pay. If, when you leave, she tries to take it from deposit raise dispute with deposit scheme - think you'll win.

        Blimey, (no offence), a student who knows how to bleed rads, I'm impressed!

        Artful, renting out to students, radiators......
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          Yeah i used a rad key, and yeah we know not to do anything like that again! But strictly speaking i am liable to pay for the plumber's call out charges? I will report all faults eventually but i want to solve this first before i start throwing things around like "oh by the way, this is broke, this is broke and this needs sorting" And yes, the LL is being very greedy here. You'd think i'd be doing her a favor by bleeding them :') Oh and they did actually need bleeding as well!)


            Haha my family were all tradesmen i learnt alot over the years :P But yeah thanks i will check with solicitors tomorrow!


              Originally posted by Danny1994 View Post
              But strictly speaking i am liable to pay for the plumber's call out charges?
              How could you be?

              The heating wasn't working before you bled the radiators, the fault was identified as having nothing to do with the radiators, and bleeding radiators does not cause any damage and is in fact routine maintenance and probably a good thing to do at the beginning of the season.


                If it took 45 mins to bleed the rads, then send the landlady an invoice for 45mins of your time...


                  Originally posted by security2 View Post
                  If it took 45 mins to bleed the rads, then send the landlady an invoice for 45mins of your time...
                  LOL. that would, of course, be fine, but I doubt that's possible


                    your landlady has clearly never tried t get money from a deposit scheme. Don't pay. If she persists inform her you were acting in a tenant-like manner. I would check if your contract requires you to replace light bulbs and if not and one goes ask her to come and replace it.

                    You could quote Warren v Keen (see below) - but I wouldnt as that requires more of you than you'd want to do.

                    " The tenant must take proper care of the place. He must, if he is going away for the winter, turn off the water and empty the boiler. He must clean the chimneys, when necessary and also the windows. He must mend the electric light when it fuses. He must unstop the sink when it is blocked by his waste. In short, he must do those little jobs about the place, which a reasonable tenant would do. In addition, he must, of course, not damage the house wilfully or negligently; and he must see that his family and guests do not damage it; and if they do, he must repair it. But apart from such things, if the house falls out of repair owing to fair wear and tear, lapse of time or for any reason not caused by him, then he will not be liable to repair it."


                      I think its great that a student knew how to bleed the rads let alone that thy might need bleeding - BRILLIANT !! when you eventually move on and if you move into rented accom then you sound like the sort of tenants some landlords dream about (some of us can be a bit weird at times !!!)


                        Yes, all seems well that the tenant bled the radiators. However, the LL is actually right here for not wanting tenants to bleed the rads. Bleeding radiators is not the end of it. This will cause a loss of pressure in a modern pressurised system and may need topping up. It might be that now the boiler doesn't work at all because there is zero pressure in the system.

                        What might be a simple job of raising the pressure, might not be so easy if the control tap is hiding behind a panel!


                          Originally posted by amazondean View Post
                          However, the LL is actually right here for not wanting tenants to bleed the rads. Bleeding radiators is not the end of it.
                          Then it's up to the landlord to tell the tenants not to do it - same as any other routine maintenance that they don't want the tenant to do for some specific reason.

                          Bleeding a radiator is not interfering with a fixture, it's routine maintenance.
                          I'd be asking for a list of things you are allowed to do - is hoovering the carpet going to damage the pile, what about defrosting the freezer or wiping a window?
                          When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                          Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                            Bleeding the radiators lowers the system pressure and may cut out the boiler. Hoovering, defrosting or wiping windows does not effect anything else, other than fair ware and tear


                              Always switch off the boiler ( by turning down the thermostat ) to stop the pump, etc, ( wait 2 minutes after that, as pump always continues running for a short while ) as that gives the Rads time for any air in the oxygenated water to rise to the top of the radiators, so adding to the air already at the top.

                              Not that you will be doing that in the future where you are now.

                              I HATE with a vengeance these "fly by wire" radio controlled thermostats.
                              Always giving trouble, and you Bin them if they say Made in China.
                              Because a lot of china products are crap, they now stamp on them R.O.C. ( Republic of China ) and not "China" so you don't instantly recognise the "Possible" short life of the product.

                              You cant beat a hard wired British thermostat on the wall.


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