Agents insisting on a years AST renewal when I'd like Periodic tenancy. Options...?

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    Originally posted by mariner View Post
    Be aware if the soon to be redundant joint flatmate wants to vacate after 9th Dec, it will terminate T for all on expiry - poss before you want to vacate.
    Noted. She has told me she is happy to move out on the same month as me provided I give her plenty of notice. This was also a reason why I thought it might be best to give 2 months notice. The deposit for the whole house is in my name (i.e. she just paid the agent fee to have her name added to the contract when she first moved in).


      So, got this email yesterday after I'd left work....

      "The owner has agreed to a periodic agreement as per your conversation to her last night.

      I have changed your deposit over to a periodic agreement and you are able to give one months’ notice to quit as from the 10th December 2017."

      Looks like it is sorted. Thanks for everyone's advice on here.


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