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    I have a couple of questions please.

    When renting from a letting agent they always seem to ask for references from an employer but what happens if you've been offered a job but haven't started working there yet? I for one would feel very uncomfortable asking for a reference when you haven't worked there yet and does this apply for private landlords as well? Unfortunately I don't have a previous employer I could ask either as I've always temped but now I'm applying for permanent roles.

    My second question is the majority of jobs have a probationary period of 3 months.. What happens if you sign say a 6-month tenancy agreement and you don't pass the probationary period so lose your job can you be evicted?

    Thank you.

    You would only have eviction proceedings started if you actually failed to pay the rent, but there needs to be a a two month backlog, so it would probably be easier for the landlord to use a no fault eviction at six months, giving notice at the fourth month.

    However, what the landlord is really interested in is the likelihood that you will get into that position, so, depending on your sort of job, and its drop out rate, they may not want to let to someone in a probationary period, unless they have other ways of being sure they will get paid for the full tenancy, and you will vacate at the end, or continue to be able to pay.


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