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    Recommended residential eviction firms

    Hi All,

    Can anyone recommend any residential eviction firms . I've seen the landlord action website and Paul seems to really know his stuff. Wanted to ask if anyone had any recommendations?


    Do it yourself using landlordzone instructions and documents. It's easy.


      Originally posted by blinko View Post
      Hi All,
      I've seen the landlord action website .. Wanted to ask if anyone had any recommendations?
      No I don't have a recommendation.


        What other documents, pre Oct 16 AST, no deposit taken, are required for:-

        1 s21 repo & arrears?

        2 s8 g8,10,11?

        3 claim against orig, signed G, for T arrears at end of Tenancy? MCol?

        4 How long is an LBA valid for?

        My thinking is s8, g8 etc, with initial s21 as back up and claim for monies owing from G.

        5 Est of cost for each step?

        Sorry for hijack, but may help OP (and me).


          Hi Mariner,

          1) Do you mean pre-Oct 15 as the requirements changed on this date and not 2016.
          If your tenancy is dated 2016 you will need to ensure that you have provided the tenant with a How to Rent booklet (see government website) EPC certificate and Gas Safety Certificate. These should have been provided at the start of the tenancy but if you serve them now you can still serve a s.21 Notice.

          2) s.8 Notice - include a schedule of the arrears.

          3) You will need a copy of the guarantee, rental arrears statement and copies of demand letters. MCOL is very useful for unrepresented persons but you will still be expected to serve the supporting documentation on the guarantor at some point.

          4) There is technically no time limit for a LBA but it is good practice not to leave the matter running too long. If it have been over 3 months i would send a chaser letter prior to issuing any court proceedings.

          5) Court fees for possession are £325/£355 and the MCOL fee is dependent on the amount you are looking to claim. Legal representation fees will vary but I have presumed that you want to deal with the matter without legal representation.

          OP I work at Abacus Solicitors and do evictions if you want to check out our website. There's also a note on there of our fees for dealing with the above.



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