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    Yes, the AofE application was only made on the 31/10/17. I was told on that the N56 form would be sent to the defendant on the same day.

    The 'order to obtain information' was back in August. The reason I went for that first was because I didn't know where the defendant was working at the time. Knowing where the defendant works makes the AofE process much easier, as the court can now actually contact the employer rather than assuming that he's telling the truth when saying he's unemployed. I actually found out his employment details through tracking down his new landlord, and not through the 'order to obtain information' examination where he claimed to be unemployed.

    I'm aware that it will take more than 8-10 days to start hopefully receiving any money back, however what I have learned is that a letter will automatically be generated and sent to his employer after the 8 to 10 days regardless of whether he has returned the N56 or not.

    So if he wants to lie again on the AofE that's up to him, however he can't stop a letter (N338) being sent to his employer. Essentially once the employer confirms that he is in employment, that will also confirm that he has lied to the court on his N56.


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    • Reply to Access to sheds
      by endymion
      Well, partly, but mainly I'm considering whether the sheds would have to be explicitly excluded from the tenancy in the AST. It's a question of what would be considered the default position in law....
      03-06-2020, 14:53 PM
    • Access to sheds
      by endymion
      Hi. We have been renting a flat for the past decade under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. The flat is one of five in a single block. The back garden contains a large outbuilding comprising ten sheds. Implicitly, then, two sheds per flat. The inventory does contain the wording 'Garages, Sheds, Outbuildings:'...
      03-06-2020, 10:09 AM
    • Reply to Access to sheds
      by endymion
      Interesting. I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. Nonetheless, if the deeds stipulate that the sheds are part of the flat, rather than communal, surely that's quite a different matter....
      03-06-2020, 14:52 PM
    • Reply to Access to sheds
      by MdeB
      I believe the OP is coming from the position of:
      • The LL has granted us the right, beyond the tenancy agreement, to use two sheds.
      • Would the law consider that having granted that use, the LL cannot unilaterally withdraw the use of those sheds?
      03-06-2020, 14:48 PM
    • Reply to Electrical Safety Certificate EICR
      by MdeB
      The Government guidance suggests not (under "What will the report show?").
      C1, C2 and F need action; C3 does not (C3 is "safe but not to current standards for new installations"...
      03-06-2020, 14:38 PM
    • Electrical Safety Certificate EICR
      by Ozzie11

      I noticed a new law means landlords need to arrange an EICR for new tenancies after July 2020 or before April 2021.

      Please can I get some advice on this? I started a tenancy in May 2020 - this is due to expire in November 2020. However it is likely the tenancy will be renewed...
      01-06-2020, 10:42 AM
    • Reply to Access to sheds
      by AndrewDod
      There may or may not be a lease in that case. But there might be. If there is a lease, then it makes no difference that the lessee and freeholder happen to be the same people. If there are no leases, I cannot see that you have any particular rights beyond the flat that you lease. The presumption in...
      03-06-2020, 14:30 PM
    • Reply to Mould/witholding rent/C19 eviction rights
      by jpkeates
      Yes, the tenants have to take reasonable steps.

      But the OP didn't mention fans or ventilation and did mention opening the windows "when" bathing or cooking....
      03-06-2020, 14:25 PM
    • Mould/witholding rent/C19 eviction rights
      by Borischelski
      I wonder if I could trouble someone for advice, having recently become a Landlord for the first time ?

      A year ago I inherited a small 1970s one bedroom flat in Birmingham.

      The flat was originally heated with a couple of electric bar heaters....
      02-06-2020, 09:37 AM
    • Reply to Mould/witholding rent/C19 eviction rights
      by MdeB
      No, you are telling them that they need to take reasonable steps such as removing excess water and ventilating the bathroom after showering.
      And, maybe, treating hte mould when it appears.

      In my shower room:
      1. I use a "squeegee" to remove most water from walls, screen, and
      03-06-2020, 14:20 PM