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    When I bought my flats here in Reading, I was very careful to choose ones with a close parking space. This has been invaluable for water softener salt deliveries, plus of course moving tools and materials in and out when working on them.

    There was a circular pushed through the door when I arrived at the flat I'm working on today from Reading Borough Council. It is headed 'Proposed Residents' Parking in Battle Ward - Informal Consultation'. I'm sure this is a fait accompli, so I have been looking at how to get a landlord's permit. It is here: What a flaming palaver! Any thoughts?

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    What? They are charging application/admin fees in addition to the cost of the permit. Aren't those fees totally unfair and should be banned?


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      Thanks JJ. Yes, I noticed that too. Looks like it will cost me £330 per year to deliver £720 worth of salt.

      BTW, I'm sure some of the land they are planning to patrol is still owned by the freeholder. Is this usual?


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        As far as I know, adopted land (land maintained at public expense) remains under the original title. Usually he problem is the other way. Parts of what appear to be the public pavement are actually unfenced private forecourts.


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          Hmm. Well I wouldn't mind so much if the road sweeper was using the council map. He doesn't seem to find his way down to us, and I have to pick up litter and leaves every fortnight to try to make the place look appealing.


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            I thought same as others. **If** parking really is at a premium (and if it is "theirs" to sell), then I guess it is reasonable to ration via payment. However charging to apply is a flaming bloody cheek.


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