Landlord wants to meet re: deposit dispute

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  • Kape65
    I wouldn't meet him I would be suspicious of his motives! Use the Deposit Service that was used to argue against the deductions. Let them earn their keep!

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  • jpkeates
    Use the deposit service - there's no reason to meet face to face and, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, don't do it.

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  • Anontenant
    Hi, thank you for your response.

    the deposit is protected (I've updated my post to reflect this). I suppose I just wanted some opinions on whether it is best to keep things in written correspondence in regards to gathering evidence for the case and it not seeming like not meeting him is just a cop out because of my anxiety. From your reply it seems that what I'm thinking in regards to not agreeing to meet with him may not be unreasonable.

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  • leaseholder64
    This is up to the deposit protection service to arbitrate. If none was used, the landlord is breaking the law and you can sue him for up to three times the deposit.

    So, if a deposit protection service was used, simply raise a dispute with them.

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  • Anontenant
    started a topic Landlord wants to meet re: deposit dispute

    Landlord wants to meet re: deposit dispute


    I moved out of a shared house just under a month ago and yesterday my landlord has sent me back the 'undisputed amount' of my deposit, keeping a huge sum of this which I find extremely unfair as I left the house in what I believe was really good condition.

    He appears to have ignored multiple requests by me for him to send me the accurate breakdown of costs. He had sent me an earlier message with some estimates which was not a full break down of how he came to the final amount he deducted. He has also not responded to the majority of my counter-arguments that I have sent.

    Issues are around him charging me amounts for cleaning of communal areas (which I believe I left in good condition) and for damage to items which he did not do an inventory for and I don't agree that I've done any damage beyond general wear and tear. There are 2 marks on the walls of my room I couldn't get out which I offered to paint for him before I moved out but he didn't reply. He is now stating it will cost 2.5 hours of painter time to paint over a 2 inch mark and one coffee stain from when I tripped over. I would be happy to pay for this aspect because I admit I did accidentally cause this, but I don't agree that it will cost £30-37.50 to repair. I did take photos of my room before I left, but as I was in a hurry I forgot to take photos of how the communal areas were when I moved out. I had also taken a load of his garden rubbish to the tip for him just before I left which I did not have to do for him.

    The last conversation between us was him sending a video of the garden 2 weeks after I moved out and then after being cleaned and I don't agree that that work he did was due to me - I'm aware that there has been flooding from the drain since I moved out which he noted on the video as my mess! Also noting overgrown grass many weeks after I had left the property.

    I sent him a response to this with my counter arguments and he did not respond to my very long message including facts that he did not do an inventory so he has no evidence of what the garden was like before, I was aware of the flooding and stating quotes and omissions from the tenancy agreement which did not mention anything about the garden whatsoever and that the mess he actually pointed out which he could potentially attribute to me (small amounts of hay around borders missed with the broom) would not account for a £40 bill, and he had offered for me to do this myself (I believe at this was a day before my tenancy end date) and then he did not reply when I asked him what the issue was then proceeded to pay someone to do the garden weeks later. (The tenancy stated that he could charge for cleaning if another arrangement had not been made)

    things to mention: I never actually signed the contract although I was given a copy, he did not go through an inventory with me at the beginning of the contract or at any stage and he only did the check out 2 weeks after I had moved out of a multiple occupancy house. The deposit is protected.

    instead of responding to my message or sending me the costings as requested he has asked me to meet with him to resolve as he will be in town this weekend. My concerns are that I get extremely anxious in conflict which will affect the way in which I'm able to argue my case or provide my evidence. I don't want to feel intimidated and say anything which may weaken any case that I have and at this point I'm not sure how I feel about any conversations not being in written correspondence.

    I suppose the point of this long winded rant is... do I meet with him or explain that I would rather have further correspondence in writing and to then raise a dispute if an agreement isn't met? Or compromise and state I will meet with him if he responds to my requests for costings so that I can prepare my arguments and evidence beforehand?

    any advice regarding meeting or getting the deposit money which I'm owed back will be greatly appreciated.


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