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  • End of Tenancy Inspection

    Hi All,

    We are tenants coming to the end of our contract this week and have been waiting for a date and time for inspection. I contacted the landlord who said the agents will be doing this as the landlord is on holiday, but since then the agent has been in touch with us to say that we need to arrange this with the landlord as they do not manage the property. I have mentioned this to our landlord but is it our responsibility to organise this?

    A side question, when we began the contract I asked the landlord if they wanted to do an inventory check but they did not think this was necessary as the property was unfurnished. We have cleaned it to a good standard and to the state it was on arrival, but just worried about the landlord may pull up a few issues. Where do I stand if this is the case?

    Thank you in advance.

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    I am a bit conflicted, I am a clerk, so that will colour my response

    How long did you live there?
    Do you have a full ingoing inventory?

    If you do you could simply follow it and make your own check out report... with pictures of each room, each surface (1 x ceiling with the light on, 1 x floor, 1 of each wall again with any wall lights switched on - don't forget the cooker hood). Send it to the LL and agent and tell them you don't anticipate any deposit deductions.

    Or you could simply move out... let the LL do as he will and then dispute anything as he didn't do it in a timely fashion.

    Or you could hire a clerk yourself, give them a copy of the ingoing inventory and let them do the job.

    If you had no ingoing inventory then take pictures, as outlined, and move out. The LL will find it VERY difficult to prove any damage on your part. I'd send those pictures to the LA and LL too, again saying that you don't anticipate any deductions.

    And if you did not have an inventory did you get all of the other legal paperwork at the beginning of your tenancy, the stuff called "Prescribed Information" including deposit scheme information, explanation.


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      Thanks Stef.

      There was no ingoing inventory and there is nothing signed by us and the landlord noting the state of the property when we moved in.

      We were told the deposit went into a deposit scheme and we should have received a number, but never did. I stupidly did not chase this up. We have it in the contract stating the amount of the deposit however.


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        Ah! Then sit back and watch this space. You will get some good information about how you can deal with your lax / amateur landlord. He has made a few errors and many much more savvy landlords here will tell you what your next steps could be.

        You were not stupid in not chasing it up but your landlord may have made an expensive error. Based on a 10 year old law... so he really should know how it is done!

        Have you checked that your deposit was actually protected? That would be the first step. Shelter have the sites you should check and info on what steps you can take if it was not



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          Thanks for your help Stef! Checked on the link and can see that our deposit is protected which is good. The landlord has been quite amateurish which makes me think they will try take money from us when we leave.


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            The LL will find it v difficult to support any deduction proposed without a move in inventory, apart from any you agree to. At least you can ask Deposit Scheme ADR to adjudge any proposed deductions you disagree with.


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              If the tenant holds a material interest of 6 months or more (i.e. during the 12 months AST), then the tenant is liable for council tax whether they are resident or not. During a SPT, the liability revert to the landlord when the tenant is no longer resident.
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              May only be tenants who have housing benefit paid then.
              20-09-2017, 21:17 PM
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              This I believe is incorrect, I do have experience of that part happening before and sent the council a copy of the AST and they cancelled my charge....
              20-09-2017, 21:14 PM
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              In the eyes of the council as soon as he starts paying CT at his new property the liability will fall to you regardless of what else is happening.
              20-09-2017, 21:02 PM
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              I thought you could have it so that property was marketed but he still had liability as he wont be able to pay anything as he is unemployed and would reduce his liability to council tax if let before the end of his tenancy.
              20-09-2017, 20:48 PM
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              Either you recover the property, or the tenant is still the tenant with liability for rent & council tax (during fixed term of 6 months or more). You can't have it both ways of getting the property back but not liable for council tax.
              20-09-2017, 20:38 PM