Best to let- Bungalow or Apartment?

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  • Best to let- Bungalow or Apartment?

    I have been looking around to see if anything takes my fancy to buy and let now ive sold my family home
    I want something that will not involve letting to familys - i fancy either young professionals or elderley-ish
    I have seen a one bed exec flat with 125 years left on leasehold and £108 per month ground rent- next to transport links and very 'execcy" looking!
    i have also seen, for a similar price a two bed sweet litttle bungalow

    I wondered if anyone had any experience/ views


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    I have one bungalow in my properties and it's the property that takes the longest to let.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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      I'd agree. I've only been out to 2 bungalows in the last year!


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        Oh - not looking so good for the bungalow then. I had visions of sweet elderly couples all snug and happy (and tidy, and clean, and non mould producing 😄) . Perhaps switch focus to apartment then - or flat as we used to call it. Is there anything wrong with ground floor flats- or anything i should look to avoid perhaps?


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          Depends on location and if in time the bungalow can be converted or demolished to make a two storey house (have a look at your adjacent neighbours).


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            Ooh thats a good idea , i will have a nosey


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              ground floor apartments can be dark and gloomy as well as being noisier than upper floors. Plus that ground rent sounds eye wateringly high. Interesting comments from others regarding bungalows.....but maybe once they are let the tenants stay in situ for a long time as a plus point?


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                as it's retirees who, for physical reasons, prefer to live in a bungalow, most of them are currently homeowners rather than renters. That may explain why they're typically difficult to shift. Good news is that if you hang on to it, the present generation who can't get on the property ladder because of us evil lot will be begging to rent them in their retirement. Should take about 40 years...


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