Tenant threatens legal action

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    Thanks the artfullodger , can only get better as the song goes I guess


      I suppose on a positive the fact you returned it BEFORE the tenancy ended is in your favour.

      No win no fee solicitors like straight forward cases.

      One of the first questions they ask are if there are any rent arrears or claims to damages. You may well ward them off with a counterclaim.


        Without wishing to sound rude, you don't sound at all competent to head this off without help.

        I'd recommend you instruct a good solicitor specialising in property to deal with this on your behalf.


          Thanks guys

          had contact from tenant asking whether I got his letter via email which I won't respond too

          have hired a property law solicitor to write a letter making it clear in no uncertain words that should the tenant wish to pursue such claims , I would be strongly counter claiming , hoping a draft will be going out soon and this will be enough , I'm also hoping that if tenant goes to small claims I will get the case thrown out as he suffered no loss and is claiming a good penalty which must be done via a court procedure or case I'm told.

          i agree I have not been too competent on this issue but as I said I had quite a few things on my plate not least my farthers bad mental state whilst I did recify the issue as soon as I could

          only other worry is whether tenant will try say there was disrepair as some building works did drag out , but tenant was never left without enjoyment of flat or facilities , only cosmetic issues like beading for laminate , or downstairs toilet tiling above basin not being done , though upstairs toilet was always fine so don't think he can go down that route as nothing was broken which would contribute disrepair only cosmetic touches were not complete also he obstructed my builder from doing the work too and bullied him.

          again thanks for all the help and advice

          very uneasy with this situation but I guess all I can do is follow steps and see what happens


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