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    Carrying out my own checkout


    A checking in inventory was carried out by an independent agency at the start of tenancy. Ideally, now the tenant is moving out, the agency would also do the check-out.

    However, money is tight at the moment as I have had to accept a lower rent from the new tenant.

    Is it ok to carry out the checkout myself with the previous tenant or could this cause issues if there is a dispute?

    Many thanks

    Might be a reasonable idea. You are far better agreeing deductions with tenant than having a dispute adjudication.


      Surely your preliminary checkout inspection and chat with the tenant will have shown whether there is anything likely to result in a dispute. Generally a good idea do do a pre-pre checkout inspection a week or two before tenant leaves so as to flag up anything that tenant might wish to attend to.


        Thanks for the advice. The check-in report was very thorough so will provide a great basis for the check-out. The tenant was a mild mannered 72 year old women so I suspect she won't have done much damage


          There is no reason that you cannot do your own check-out. As long as the tenant agrees and signs the document.


            I have a similar question regarding checkout inventory however mine is a very different situation. My tenant is being evicted next week by bailiffs and they have built up rent arrears of £5000 plus. I don't know how much damage they have done to the property as they haven't allowed me to get into the property since 6 months now, however, I reckon they would have as they have been very hostile.

            Would it make sense to do a check-out inventory from a professional inventory company after they have been evicted?

            I have £2500 deposit from the tenant and I am thinking whether the inventory will help me to claim the deposit as well as claim the remaining through the money judgement route.


              it would be best to start a new thread, visha. You'll get more response with a new thread than a post on the end of someone elses thread from last year.

              But my first question would be did you have any ingoing inventory at all?


                yes, there was a ingoing inventory done by a professional inventorist


                  Then you should be OK. It isn't ideal, arbitration prefers the check out is done by the same person. But you could do it... you'd have to keep your non emotional, totally unbiased head on! And I know how difficult that can be - they're problem tenants, if I remember your other thread properly!

                  It may well be worth asking the clerk to do it, because of the situation!


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