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  • Another certificate of lawful use
    Hi All

    New to this forum and looking for advice. Thanks in advance.

    I live in a large house in London, spanning 3 floors.

    The basement is self contained, in that, it has it's own entrance, kitchenette and bathroom. We have had various lodgers living in there...
    24-09-2018, 19:54 PM
  • Reply to Another certificate of lawful use
    Providing that the proof of use as a separate dwelling for more than 4 years is available then an application to the Local Planning Authority ought to result in the issue of a Certificate of Lawful Use. This is simply a question of law rather than an application whereby the LPA can consider planning...
    25-09-2018, 16:36 PM
  • Land dispute with neighbour
    My property and rentals are all on a main road with 4 houses behind us and to get to them there is a shared path. Originally my wife bought the shop and flat above it where we live about 20 years ago and i've lived there 11 years and together we have bought the 2 flats next door to us to rent and we...
    25-09-2018, 12:55 PM
  • Reply to Land dispute with neighbour
    This situation is not one the police will be interested in as it is a civil matter regarding a possible trespass over land you own or have been in possession of for such a long period that it is now yours to use as your own.

    Civil legal matters need to be dealt with by seeking legal action...
    25-09-2018, 16:27 PM
  • Commercial Units Costs

    Looking at some land and was wondering what the build costs would be for 1500sq foot units. I am near Newcastle, just basic shutter doors windows. I know road gas supply etc you cant just guess. Mainly wondering on the actual unit build costs looking at a few plots and need to get rough...
    25-09-2018, 09:30 AM
  • New Postal Address query
    HP mum
    Is it possible to apply to the Council for a new postal address without having Title registered at Land Registry?

    For clarity behind this question - I have created an annexe out of a FH property - originally access through the main property, but now want to rent it out and thus need a postal...
    18-09-2018, 10:13 AM
  • Reply to New Postal Address query
    As stated above, it is the planning department that will create a new postal address once the development has been completed and a separate dwelling comes into existence.
    It is then that notices are served on the utilities companies and Post Office after the appropriate fee is paid to the council...
    24-09-2018, 15:06 PM
  • Reply to New Postal Address query
    Speak to the Council first, who will then allocate an address, providing you have planning permission. I think you'll find that Royal Mail issues postcodes, at the request of the local authority.

    Won't you need to separate the utilities for the two separate dwellings?...
    23-09-2018, 15:14 PM
  • Reply to New Postal Address query
    Always Problems
    I did. I ran two business on a site which was not registered with the land registry,, each business had its own building, I rented both buildings out to two separate tenants and both businesses then received a brand new address, and at the same time the council created a new postcode.
    I would...
    20-09-2018, 05:17 AM
  • Reply to New Postal Address query
    HP mum
    Always had a lease. Then bought the FH - which is held separately.
    Lawyers have created 2 new leases for the purposes of dealing with the 2 parts separately - but nothing has been done with them yet.
    19-09-2018, 14:17 PM