Change of Use Permitted Development - Class M

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    Change of Use Permitted Development - Class M

    Under Part 3 of the GPDO - Change of Use

    Class M allows for

    (a) a change of use of a building from—

    iii) a mixed use combining use as a dwellinghouse with—

    (aa) a use as a betting office or pay day loan shop, or

    (bb) a use falling within either Class A1 (shops) or Class A2 (financial and professional services) of that Schedule

    to a use falling within Class C3 (dwellinghouses) of that Schedule.

    The main limitation is that the area changing use is less than 150sqm

    My question is this:
    if you have a shop with residential accommodation above (say 1 flat) can you under class M convert the flat into multiple units (say 2 flats) as long as the area of the flats are less than 150 sqm?

    does the situation change if the existing residential accommodation is self contained or non-self contained? in the example above if the starting position is that the flat above the shop can only be accessed though the shop and under PD rights you propose creating a new access and 2 flats?

    Since this Class of development requires prior approval it seems logical to seek approval for what you are proposing.
    The LPA will either accept that this falls within Class M or not.


      As you are creating additional dwellings I would suspect full planning permission is required.


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