Council asks for Building Reg App for a 1980s Conversion

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    Council asks for Building Reg App for a 1980s Conversion

    My problem:
    Council has written to me indicating that my flats did not have planning permision and the Building Control Surveyor (with a builder) needs to come to inspect the works carried out to assess if the works are illegal. They also say they may need to expose any works carried out to determine compliance with the regulations.

    Bought a Victorian house in 2001 which, according to previous owner, was used as four flats since 1980s.At the time council searches indicated 4 flats and not “illegal” conversion.

    Guided by an architect did some improvements works to the two top flats (fire doors, alarms, wood floors, new kitchen/bathroom,)
    All works were non structural and internal.
    After finishing the works (just under 5 years ago) I let two of the flats and my family and I live in the other two.

    Last month I applied for Building Regulations Approval to do some works to the flat I am living in. Perhaps this trigger the council’s letters?

    Can any one advice me how to approach the council to clarify or were to get professional “building regulations -regularization-“ guidance. As things are I will have problems raising the extra capital needed to do de improvement work
    and although is not my intention also would have problems selling at a good pricAny help/ideas would be most wellcome
    Many thanks

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