Listed building- planning permission to replace coping?

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    Listed building- planning permission to replace coping?

    I hope someone can help me with the problem below.

    If my property is not a listed building then do I have to apply for permisson to replace the stone copings of the roof as it was broken?

    The reason I ask this because before carrying out the repair I telephoned the council and they said 'no' as it was not a listed building, but Yesterday I received a letter from a guy from the Dev Control Service and said that I had to put the original back. I tried to contact him today but could not reach but instead talked to another person in that department and said that I did not need permission as it was not a listed building.

    I am responding to his letter but am a bit confused, I made a mistake by not asking them to write me a letter in the first place to confirm this.

    Thanks for your help.

    A letter from the planning department confirming that the original materials do not have to be re-used is ideal, however, if nobody can give you a definitive answer on this one here, a post on the property discussion forum of may give you the information you require.

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