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    First step planning

    I have a small parcel of land that I would like to build on, but Im not sure its either big enough, Im guessing I with need a feasibility study.

    What is the cheapest way to do this, ive read fee's start from around 550 pounds but to me this is way to expensive just to know if there are possibilities.

    Could somebody please advise.


    Make an appointment to go and talk to your local planning office and tell them what you are thinking of doing.

    They will tell you the basic rules but of course won't commit themselves to anything until they see your application but at least you will know if what you want to do is realistic or a non-starter.

    Not sure if there is a cost involved these days but we had a free consultation of about 30 mins back in 2009.


      free advice has gone in our area. How big is this piece of land, what road frontage does it have, where is it (built up area, presumably), what height are the surrounding buildings? Are services on the land or nearby?

      If you can build nothing else there may be a demand for a garage or two in the area, you might be able to sell to a neighbour wishing to expand their property.



        Its an odd shape piece of land but am sure I could cut an 8 metre x 8 metre square with still some garden or car spot for front but no rear land this would keep it in line with the adjacent building. Its my garden that is on the side that has a road as its border. The surrounding buildings are the typical height in greater london.

        I wonder whats possible, I rather like to build two two bed flats.


          you might be able to get a local builder and/or architect to give you an opinion. I'm not really following your description of this but 2 x 2 bed flats might be a bit optimistic even with London small room sizes. Also if the surrounding buildings are mainly houses with large gardens you might be better going for a single house.

          It's worth phoning your planning department to see if they still do free advice. Also look at their online portal to see what is being approved in your area.


            2 X 2 bed flats with parking and outside space and bike sheds on 8m x8m - I like people who are optimistic but this one is a Do do

            Freedom at the point of zero............


              Originally posted by Interlaken View Post
              2 X 2 bed flats with parking and outside space and bike sheds on 8m x8m - I like people who are optimistic but this one is a Do do
              If you had taken the time to read my post correctly you would have understood that the 8m x 8m was for the build and the car space etc was going to be from the land left over.


                You could draw a sketch plan, showing the outline of the plot, nearest road, your 8x8 square and where this sits on the land together with a block outline of neighbouring properties. you'll need it anyway to get free advice from anyone other than a builder because no-one else is going to come and look at the site for you. You'll also need photos but I wouldnt post them here.



                  The dimensions are approx.


                    that makes it look like you have something (grass?) between the path and the road so you dont have direct road frontage and need a right of way across someone else's land (council's). They probably wont let you build right up to the alley, unless you own the alley and grant power over it.

                    I'd look at one house and a garage.


                      I visited the local planning office today, they advised me that a two story house would be difficult because they would be looking for the position to follow the other buildings in the street, and as the shape of my plot has made this difficult to achieve, though not impossible, they suggest I get an architect to help though It will be difficult to achieve. It was suggested I could try a single storey with a basement, though I hear basements are expensive. I could try just a single storey such as a bungalow.

                      The frontage is the same as the other homes in the street, a foot path then the road so there would be no issue there, I can make another path to the public foot path from the plot. The bit that looks like grass is actually road there is and Island garden in the middle, sorry my drawing skills are not too good.


                        They like the front of houses to be in a straight line and as it's a corner plot you have two bits to line up.

                        Basements are expensive - why not have a chat too with a local estate agent? They would tell you whether there is a market in your area for house plus basement. Quite a few people like a new house so you could probably sell a plot with planning permission without having to build the place yourself.


                          I would like to build and keep, I will give myself time now to thing about my next move.

                          I may settle for an open plan bungalow if I decide now to go ahead.


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                            Agree with above.
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