Rental property neighbour planning to extend

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    Rental property neighbour planning to extend

    Hi all,

    Apologies for what has turned into a bit of an essay below. We are renting our house out while travelling abroad for 3 years. It is a mid-terrace property in a row of four terraces in the home counties.

    When we moved in the neighbours had illegally constructed an further extension to the original property, before the properties were all classic 2 up 2 downs with loft conversions, and an extension with kitchen and bathroom on the back. However the neighbours extended their extension to around double the size without planning permission. Somebody else (not me) must have reported them as they had to apply for "retrospective planning permission". Despite the fact that the extension blocks all light to our garden after 2pm, the council never bothered to try and access the property and approved planning permission.

    Our neighbours, no doubt encouraged by this, have now told us they are planning to extend to the front as well - there is currently a front garden of about 7 metres, and they have built a drop kerb. However, this will undoubtedly block light at the front as well, we don't quite understand why they are trying to behave like they own a detached house when in fact they own a small terrace. It will extend out and block a lot of the light again in the afternoon, and once again negatively affect our property. They have said they don't really want any outdoor space, just enough spcae to park a car and as much building as possible.

    Now my question: I expect they will build the extension without planning permission, while we are away, and if challenged they will again apply for retrospective planning permission. The council will post a letter through our door, however this will go to the tenants who are likely to ignore the letter. How do we ensure we receive the letter? Is there any way that we can easily object from abroad?

    Thanks for all the help, Patrick.

    Hi Patrick

    Yes you can indeed comment on a planning application from a distance. The details of the planning application will be held on your local authorities planning portal and you will be able to comment via email to the planning department.

    The only difficulty I can for see is if the decision if referred to the planning committee then you would not be available to address them personally but you could ask someone to read a statement on your behalf.


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