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    Permitted Development On Bungalow

    Hi there

    I recently acquired a detached bungalow and had a few architects come round and have a look.

    A little baffled as a few of them stated a few different things with regards to PD/planning.

    The plan is to
    - build a loft which goes over the current house and existing extension (extension 4.6 meter granted by planning in the 90s). (im aware the loft over extension will not count as PD but architects seem to think PD is the way forward..)
    - bring the garage forward to be in line with the front of house (as its currently set back) - the architects have said different things with it being PD and others sayings its planning..
    - do a 3.4 meter extension to carry out 8 meters in line with PD rights (a PD application went in, the council told our architects this would not be PD as previously planning was granted for the 4.6 extension. However they authorised that Prior Approval is not required in written format (although slightly less at 7.8 m as opposed to 8 in application). Architects seem to think this is a blunder and council could cause a fuss if we build the extension)
    - outside extension use raised decking in line with house due to sloping garden
    - we want an outbuilding as a gym (architect seems to think this is limited to 30m2 for planning/building regs but I cannot see anything on this)

    I decided to read the pd act and I have a few questions:
    - is Prior approval required for a loft conversion or this is only for extension up to 8 meters?
    - is prior approval required for anything else listed above (porch, out building,loft,decking in garden)?
    - is outbuilding limited to a size of 30m2 before building regs/planning need to get involved?
    - is the outbuilding 2.5 meters height from highest or lowest point of garden ( been told this is lowest and highest from architects)? Where is this point in GPDO?
    - what part of the legislation does it state an outbuilding cannot include kitchen facilities/granny anex? Ive been told this by architects and would like to read this point.
    - is the garage coming forward considered pd?
    - what is the reference to 70m2 and 115 as below? i,e: what properties does think link to? Will it link to the detatched bungalow?Also whats the difference between the cubic meters and 50% of the garden? Does this mean the development cannot exceed 50% of the garden and maintain within 50m2 for any extension linked to the house?

    A.1 Development not permitted

    Development is not permitted by Class A if—

    (a)the cubic content of the resulting building would exceed the cubic content of the original dwellinghouse—

    (i)in the case of a terrace house or in the case of a dwellinghouse on article 1(5) land, by more than 50 cubic metres or 10 %, whichever is the greater,

    (ii)in any other case, by more than 70 cubic metres or 15%, whichever is the greater,

    (iii)in any case, by more than 115 cubic metres;

    - also what is your opinion on the pd granted for the rear? shall we proceed to build?
    Thank you!

    If in doubt just submit an application for Planning Consent with all the bits you want to do. Run it past a Planning Consultant prior to applying.

    Planning and Building Regs are two separate items. I suspect what your Achitect is saying to you is that an outbuilding over 30 square metres is subject to compliance with more stringent Building Regulations.
    There is always scope for misinterpretation.

    If my posts can be interpreted in two ways, one that makes you feel angry and one that doesn't, I meant the latter.

    Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.


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