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    Water supply splitting

    Hello All,

    I have had a read around the forum but cannot seem to find this question specifically asked/answered.

    I have purchased a property which is split into two large self contained flats. They have separate gas and electric connections as well as water. However, with the water, although they each have their own bill, they share a 32mm lead connection (i.e. single connection). There are no water meters.

    I have now received permission to split the property into 5 self contained 1 bed flats. I have installed 3 further electricity connections/meters and will be insulating the building to modern standards so will not have gas but electric heating.

    With the water, am I able to utilise the existing water connection and split it internal to the property boundary to provide water for the 3 additional flats? In terms of billing, these 3 additional flats could have internal water meters fitted and then be billed individually?



    FFS who wants to live with lead pipes these days? If you are doing so much work then bite the bullet, get the water board in and sort it in a proper manner. The water meters might come free.

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      Agreed but they won't do a conversion from lead to plastic without enormous cost to me. Reasoning being that they only do that for free for a single dwelling home which is occupied. Basically, they said that even if I apply for a new connection, the main outside would remain as it is.

      My idea is to renew it all internal to the property boundary with MDPE (plastic).


        If you are just renting the flats, you could say nothing and pay no extra water fees. The water board may find that proper water meters may not be possible, so all tenants would pay a large fixed price for each flat!


          You'll find you have to put in five new supplies. Cost of doing business, I'm afraid.



            The flats will be rented. They will be paying their own electric so they can pay their water too.



              Well the existing shared supply is for 2 flats so if I *have to* put in a new supply it should be for the other 3. However, I keep getting conflicting advice.


                I doubt a 32mm lead pipe - I assume this is the outer diameter so 15mm internally??? - will be sufficient to supply an additional three flats.

                I'm not sure where you're getting conflicting advice from. The Water Boards are pretty clear on the installation of new supplies. They will only be to the boundary of the property anyway. I'd suggest you get a suitably sized new connection run to the boundary and split in to 5 at the boundary and new feeds into the property. As for cost, well tough.
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